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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Viva Wags Vegas and the Pawcircle

I just finished my set as a DJ at the wonderful January #Pawparty in honor of Elvis's birthday and Viva Wags Vegas and to benefit animal rescue in the aftermath of the disaster in Haiti.

After the pawty, I pawed over to the special #pawcircle column I keep on Seesmic (the Twitter desktop client mom and I use). I try to check that column every day. It made me think about why I do that.

I am not even two years old but my mom has been around the block a few times but before I started in Twitter she had never heard of the rainbow bridge. She has had other animals that she loved who passed away. I know she remembers Christie her sweet little dog that she stayed with as they put her to sleep.

It wasn't long after we started on Twitter that someone's beloved anipal died. And that's when we found out about the rainbow bridge. What an amazing thing. And the community of us anipals on Twitter was so wonderful they were all support for the sick animals and humans, and helped them grieve when there was a loss.

As we watched, we saw how so many people appreciated the #pawcircle prayers. @Danapixie started tweeting all of the prayer needs several times a day and I started retweeting many of them. And now, Dana has started a wonderful blog so we can always know who needs our love, support and understanding. That's what it's about. I thought of it tonight when I answered someone who thanked me for my tweet. In the big world many people do not understand how people feel about us anipals. Even people who have pets do not always feel like the humans that are the moms and dads of the anipals on our Twitter community. So this is the place you can be to share your grief with people and other anipals who truly understand that loss. What an incredible support system!

Anyway, this gets me back to Haiti. When I first heard about the Rainbow Bridge, I came across this story about the Bridge and the September 11th Terrorist attacks. Now I think about how all of the animals at the bridge who had no loving human to wait for must of pitched in and still be pitching in as the many people from Haiti who have died cross over.

Photo by Tatiana Gerus (Creative Commons Attribution)


Mariodacat said...

I is so thankful for the Pawcircle and your retweets. If I miss a day, I know I can always go to Dana's bloggy. It's so important dat we support each other in time of need.

Danapixie said...

Yoda, thank you so much! You have always been a great help with the pawcircle and I so appreciate it. You have describe it all so wonderfully. Thanks for all you do!