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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Subaru is Going to The Dogs

We just saw a new Subaru commercial and just had to blog about it!

You might remember that mom was privileged to ride in style to BarkWorld Expo in Atlanta last summer in a Subaru Forester. Subaru was one of BarkWorld's major sponsors. It was a great trip and she got to ride with Paige the Border Collie and her mom Lauren.

We loved the older series of commercials featuring dog stars, Stolen Parking Space being our previous favorite. But since mom is in the outdoor recreation business, we really love the new commercials. In fact we are heading out to visit one of her state parks next weekend! We were both barking out loud this morning when we saw "Camping" for the first time.

And, since mom has some challenges backing up (she claims mirrors confuse her), Jackknife is appealing as well. In fact mom claims she had a nightmare experience similar to that commercial with a U-Haul trailer many years ago.

They have some cool posters featuring the stars of these new commercials. Mom is going to hang this one up in her office:

Check out the Subaru Dog Tested website. There is a nice plug for Dogbook, a dog park locator, a statement to their commitment to the ASPCA, and an app for your human to plan their walks with you. I "borrowed" mom's new iBone and downloaded it while she was not looking.

Speaking of Paige, she has a video in Pet Hub's contest. Please check it out, vote and comment! Hey Subaru - maybe you should add Paige to your commercials!

Disclosure: Other than the use of the Subaru vehicle for mom's trip to BarkWorld last summer (which we blogged about at the time and had no other obligation), we have received no compensation from Subaru for sharing these commercials and info on their website. We don't even own a Subaru.


Prudence said...

Mom's laughing out loud at the dog camping, baroooo buddy!

How Sam Sees It said...

Those are too cute!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Sarge's Mom has a RU... and LOVES it. I (Frankie Furter) Love the commercials.

Mariodacat said...

These videos are priceless pal.

Two French Bulldogs said...

we love that Subaru commercial
Benny & Lily

Backcountry Brodie said...

OMD, I be BOLing so loud at the commershuls that mom came and swipied the pooter from me and started looking at Subaru cars coz our old jalopy do be getting old... She say she will definitely take a Subaru unner considerashuns when the time comes. As long as the back seat be as comfy fur me as the one I has now, I will take it unner considerashuns too. But I want to go camping with those dogs!