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Friday, January 8, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

I am so thrilled to have won this award I am writing my blog within ten minutes of the notification! Thanks so much to my good friend @CathyKeisha, World's Most Stunning Cat, for bestowing this great honor upon my humble bloggie. Cathy is a fellow DJ and music lover.

About the award

I actually did a Google search on the award because I am a curious dog and there were more than 7 million entries. I am actually pretty good at math so since the award requires you give it to 10 more bloggers (although I saw some places where it said 7), I could see it could grow geometrically. But nowhere could I find (or figure out a search to find) where it all started. I do know that it is wider than the anipal community.

Wherever it started, the award is given to "bloggers who put their hearts on display as they write from the depths of their soul."

The requirements for the award are to

(1) Highlight the award on your blog and link back to the person (or cat) who gave you the award. Not only am I dedicating this post to the award, I have permanently added the award to my side column. And I can't thank @CathyKeisha and her wonderful blog enough.

(2) Tell everyone ten things about yourself that no one knows

(3) Bestow the award on ten other worthy bloggers and make sure you tell them they have been so honored.

Ten things about me

Since I write from my heart, I tell you folks a lot about myself so I have been racking my brain to try and come up with things you don't know. Here goes:

  1. I bark too much. Any person or animal I see approaching the house or come near the door to the room I am in gets barked at. A lot.
  2. I jump up on people. Mom tried very hard to break me of this habit but dad likes it so I still do it. Mom keeps telling dad that they can train me to only do it if invited but no luck yet on that.
  3. When my mom comes home from work I go crazy for five minutes including jumping and running around the room like a crazy dog.
  4. I am a shameless food beggar. Lately I have added a pitiful whine. This is one thing mom and dad does right. They do not reward this behavior. For some reason I keep doing it anyway.
  5. I don't really like to ride in the car. I like going places I just don't like the trip there. When I was a puppy I stayed on the floor of the passenger side under dad's legs and it was okay then but when I got too big for that it wasn't fun anymore. On long trips I get better after about a half hour.
  6. I pull at my leash something fierce even though I have a head collar.
  7. I hate to get my picture taken.
  8. I like to eat cat poop. Mom and dad have gated the doorway to the bathroom where the cat littet box is so the cats can get under the gate and I can't get in.
  9. I only follow my obedience commands when there is a treat involved.
  10. I lick my mom's fingers when she is trying to type on the computer and I want her to play with me instead.
Award Worthy Blogs

In no particular order, here are the next winners of the coveted Honest Scrap Award. I apologize if you have won before. I did do a search on your blog to check.

1) Confucious Cat: I only learned of his blog and #Purrs4Peace because I was DJing at a #pawpawty one Sunday at 3 p.m. That week we were purring for the plight of racing greyhounds. Now I join in every week.

2) I only hesitate to bestow the award on the next recipient because he may get mad at me. But what the heck - you are certainly putting your heart on display when you try to talk folks out of reading your blog. Yes, the next recipient is Sir Fudge Esq. He's not for everyone but he tells it like he feels it.

3) The Shenanigans of Shawnee the Shepherd is great about sharing his wonderful park visits. Since my mom is in the park business, this is a blog we both enjoy reading.

4) My friend Dolly's blog is also great. The Little Dog Speaks is honest and compassionate. She speaks her mind. I really loved her 2009 in review blog.

5) Next is Boris Kitty: 4 Paws for a Cause. Of course I love @BorisKitty but I also love Edgar!

6) I enjoy Mulder the X-Kitteh but he hasn't been posting a lot probably because of his chemo and all those pills he hates to take.

7) Petie the Cat has not been blogging much either but he has had health challenges as well. He and Mulder are great fighters and I admire them.

8) Next comes Fido and Wino This blog always makes me and mom laugh! We love reading about Mickey and Kayloo and their mom Shauna.

9) Call Me the Breeze is another one of my favorites by fellow DJ @kittehboi.

10) Last but not least is Rockum Sockum's View on Things. He has an absolutely amazing family and I love reading about it and seeing the pictures.

Thanks again for this great honor!


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Oh, I is so honored that you find me worthy of this award! It is the third time I has gotten it! You didn't find it when you searched my bloggie coz it woz called something different when I gotted it. So mebbe there is 7 gabillion entries in Google with the way mine has it? Anyways, here it is: http://shawneetheshep.blogspot.com/2009/11/ten-things-bout-me.html And congratulashuns that you gotted the award too!

Mariodacat said...

Congratulations Shawnee. Great post. I'm impressed - you did this within an hour of getting, with music and everything. WOW. It took me 3 days!!!! and no music either. he he - you'll have to teach me how to do a bloggy faster.

Yoda_the_Dog said...

Mario I did not do all of the blog fixing in an hour. I wrote the blog but I spent most of the rest of the evening playing with the music and the guest book and changing stuff around. When I find cool stuff on other people's blogs, I try to add to mine. I found the guest book on @Flicka47 blog and I really don't remember where I say the music thing.

Rocky said...

Wow!! Fanks so much for dis honor. Iz never won an award before. I shall cherish it. I love to talk about my family and da pups, and of course I like to talk about ME!! BOL!! Fanks again

Life With Dogs said...

Congrats! You have a fun circle of friends! :)

Shauna (Fido and Wino) said...


And thank you so much for nominating my blog! That is very kind of you, I am touched :)

Your Daily Cute said...

You like to eat cat poop? That's so silly!

Congrats on your award!