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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dad Says I'm a Real Hero

Yes this is the Anipal Super Hero #pawpawty and we are all dressed up as Super Heroes. I am dressed up as the Greatest American Hero for the pawty.

But this week dad says I was a REAL Hero!

On Thursday I smelled smoke and I knew it was dangerous. So I had to convince dad that there was something wrong. First he thought I was telling him I had to go out but he reminded me I had just been out. But I just got more and more agitated and would just not leave him alone. I was whining and started trembling. I think the trembling was what did it.

So dad got up and when he walked in the other room he smelled something burning. He ran downstairs and there was two feet of smoke up at the ceiling all the way down the stairs. My grandma had left a pan on the stove with three hot dogs in it. All the water had boiled away and the hot dogs were ready to burst into flames. Smoke was pouring out of the pan. Grandma was asleep.

Dad says I may have saved the house from catching on fire and maybe even burning down so I am a real hero! Maybe I was a Dalmatian in another life!