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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blog the Change for Animal Adoption

Today (January 15) is Blog the Change for Animals Day. One day each quarter, animal bloggers around the world blog about the causes that are important to them and we start an important conversation on these issues.

I have a number of causes that are important to me but today I want to write about the importance of pet adoptions. There are so many pets in shelters and rescues around the world, so many animals that were abused or just unloved or just don't know what it is to have a family like we do. 

While I did not come from a shelter or rescue, I was part of an "unplanned" litter of puppies and might have ended up there. All my kitty sibs (there are four) come from rescues or shelters. Our latest addition, Alexis, we adopted from a rescue organization at PETCO this past June. All of my family members have different personalities and are wonderful in their own way, but Alexis is something really special. She came into our lives and made all of the animals happier. She is so loving and playful she has made the other cats like me and they all are more affectionate and playful even though they are getting older.

So, I want to urge everyone who reads this to think about opening their home to one of the many, many pets waiting in shelters for their furever homes. I guarantee you that your life will be enriched and never the same. Please though remember that an adoption truly is a commitment. Pets demand time and attention and are also a financial responsibility. If you are not ready for that commitment, don't make it. Because as sad as all of the animals in shelters make me, it is even sadder when a pet has a home and then loses it. I know that sometimes there are terrible things that happen and people have to give up their pets, but this should not be because the family took their commitment lightly.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Great Prize

Today my prize from #jeopawty arrived and mom was so excited. I like mom to be happy but a stuffy or a bone might have made ME happier.

This clutch purse was made by @grrlysquirrel75 and mom says it is perfect. She likes to have a small purse to carry around and slip in her ginormous bag that has the kitchen sink in it (I think).

She's got a blog you should check out.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolution

I have a few special New Year Resolutions.

#1 More time outdoors

#2 More treats

#3 More bones like this one

#4 More time with mom and dad

#5 More toys

Unfortunately, my New Years resolutions are dependent on mom and dad so they better read this and make some resolutions of their own!