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Friday, January 8, 2010

Poor Pelican

Warning: Explicit violence if you are one of my stuffed plush anipals

As many of you might know, my mom works for Virginia State Parks. She usually is in on the details when they have deep merchandise sales, like usually when they are discontinuing something. For instance, for their 70th anniversary in 2006 they had a 70" copperhead plush snake. There were stuffed snakes everywhere! I think they finally got rid of them all this fall.

I loved those snakes - one LONG toy with lots of stuffing. They were on sale a long time at $5 and mom would pick them up for me. Since I have a bad history with plush toys, $5 was a good deal. The snakes would last me a little while because as I made a hole, mom would pull out stuffing and it would be ok for a while Dad gave her a hard time but all she had to do was show dad his blanket and ask what dad would rather I chew on. The snake won every time.

Then one sad day all the snakes were finally gone. : (

The woman in mom's office, Pat, who orders stuff showed her the sale items the week before Christmas. She had shown mom the pelican before but when he was full price mom knew it would be a mistake.

You can't see but the pelican has a stick in his back side so the human can hold the puppet. The stick was plastic instead of wood but still nommy.

This was the day I got the Pelican - not a factory second. Mommy couldn't even get the picture taken before one eye was gone. Second eye followed right after the picture.

Two weeks later the eyes are gone, the beak is hanging and mom has taken out most of the beak and head stuffing so it doesn't make the house MESSY. The stick is gone too. Mom was holding it and we were playing and I grabbed the pelican and mom still had the chewed up stick. Stick went in trash. Mom is spoil sport.

This is today. Last night I ripped his tummy out so mom had to take all the stuffing from his insides. He is still fun because he is still poofy cause of his fake fur wings.

I am hoping the pelicans are still on sale.

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Mariodacat said...

Oh no - the poor pelican. he he - but at least you are having fun!