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Friday, July 15, 2011

Help Lynchburg Virginia Win the PetSafe Bark for Your Park Contest

Dear Pals I am asking for your help today. One of the cities here in Furginia is a finalist for the PetSafe's Bark For Your Park Contest. Lynchburg is in the center of the state and the people and their dogs have been working hard to get a dog park there since 2008. 

They are one of the 15 finalist communities and had to enter a video. Here it is.

The winner will get $100,000 which will help make this dog park a really special place. 

Between now and August 3, Lynchburg's video will compete with videos from 14 other localities across the United States. The public can vote for their favorite video, and the entry that receives the most votes will be declared the winner. Contest rules allow supporters to vote once per day, per voting site.

So, unless you live near one of the other fourteen cities, would you help support the people and dogs of Lynchburg Furginia? 
And let's hear it for PetSafe being a great corporation willing to donate some of their profits to build dog parks!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm Baaaccccckkkkkkk!

Can you believe it has almost been two months since I posted? Shame on mom for being too busy to help me but I think the worst is over for her.

I have been very busy. First, there was my third birthday. Mom made this cool video of the fun we had but then we never blogged it. After this video some men came and cleared all the growth around the pond so you'll notice a real change in future videos.

She put together a slide show of the still pics from my birthday too. Mom is really loving Animoto!

My birthday was May 28, and then mom's was the very next day and that pretty much finished off May.

In June I got a new sisfur named Alexis. If you remember my sisfur Majel who went to the bridge last August you will see why mom and dad could not resist her. She's also a white kitty with a calico tail. And FINALLY I have a kitty that will play with me! This little ball of fur came into our home and took over, putting the other kittehs in their place. I love it!

Here she is taking a nap in mom's bag from Doggy Baggage. I can promise you some more posts featuring my new pal Alexis. Dad has been a videoing fool! But she sure is cute so can you blame him? And below is a better picture of her sweet face.

Right after we adopted her, mom, dad and I had to go to one of her parks, Hungry Mother State Park, to celebrate the Virginia State Parks 75th Anniversary and so mom could help train the supervisors who work with the kids in the Youth Conservation Corps. Since Alexis had not gotten acclimated real well yet, we decided we better bring her with us (I hate to think of the other three kitties being tortured by her for the week we were gone). We had a great time at the park. We had a cabin right on the lake and I got to go swimming of course.

Here I am on the front porch of our cabin and a view of the Hungry Mother Lake from the cabin porch.

Now that the big anniversary celebration is behind mom, she is a little busy with the Youth Conservation Corps and planning next year's Virginia State Parks marketing, but she is used to that level of busy.

Mom's work has daily contests until Labor Day (September 5) so you should check them out.