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Saturday, August 27, 2011

I went to BlogPaws and spent the conference in my room

There is a first for everything and BlogPaws was a lot of firsts for me: my first hotel, my first elevator and my first experience with a lot of dogs and people I don't know. I was on sensory overload and I didn't do well.

 Sheraton Premiere at Tyson Corners -
my barking really echoed under this canopy

We tried the play room and sweet little me was over aggressive. I barked too much when I heard people in the hall.

 Here are some dogs enjoying the Play Room without me 

The first day mom stayed in the room with me because due to Hurricane Irene she had to do a lot of work telling people some of her Virginia State Parks are closed.

At least I can say the bed was real comfy

So I thought I was maybe calming down so mom had dad bring me down after the sessions to meet some of my pals' staff. I saw mom and kind of went nuts. I did get to meet some people like @tildatoo but it was back to the room pretty quick.

Maybe I need a doggie day care a few days a week.

 Dad visited the exhibit area 

 Dad met @CosmoHavanese 

Anyway mom had some good sessions about how to do better video, how to write a proposal and she learned a lot about legal stuff like copyrights, endorsements and contests.

Dad went swimming lots of times in the neat indoor pool and also took most of the pictures.

Hot tub 


Mom's favorite part was at lunch Saturday when her friend @BZTAT talked about Oakey's Promise her Canton Mural to bring awareness to the link between animal cruelty and child and domestic abuse. BZTAT talked about using Kickstarter for fund raising for the project. Mom got to stand up as one of the Promise Keepers who helped in a small way to make the project possible.

BZTAT talks about Oakey's Promise

A very talented young lady named Miah Thornton did a dance to describe the story of Oakey's rescue that led BZTAT to decide to start the project.

 Miah Thornton performs at BlogPaws

BZTAT has started a new project at Kickstarter for a traveling artwork on the same theme. We will be writing more about that soon.

We leave tomorrow as soon as we know the roads are okay after Hurricane Irene.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

You don't have to leave Blogger to avoid Google+ issues

Mom and I have been spending the afternoon redesigning my blog a little and working on our blog reading. After reading George the Duck's post about Google+ and their real people policy AND because mom was already having problems because they kept thinking she and I were the same person, she decided she had to solve the problem.

We did one simple thing - we changed the Google profile for her email to her and not me. This did not mess up my blog. It didn't even change my blogger profile. There is also no link back from my blog to mom's Google profile. So all fixed and no future problems.

For my pals that have left for Word Press - please be sure and add an RSS button to your blog so I can subscribe to you. Or, add an email subscription link. Mom has a terrible time keeping up with reading blogs but she always reads her email!

In fact, for my pals still on Blogger, did you know it is really easy to add an email subscription link to your Bloggie? It is easy to set up AND you never have to do anything. You can see how many people have subscribed to you that way. We were sorry we checked today because it hasn't been that successful but then we have been very bad about posting lately. I'm sure many people prefer Google Reader but for peeps like mom and me, it would be nice to add the email subscription.

If you use Blogger, all you have to do is go to the design page, click ADD A GADGET where you want it and the Email subscription gadget is on the top of the list!

Oh and let me know if you like the new look. I'm still working on some color issues.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oh Oh Mom Got a New Camera

Mom is kind of a geek. She swears she is not a total full fledged geek because her technology knowledge is somewhat limited. But boy does she love her gadgets.

So she got the just released Sony Cyber-shot Emor-R camera for work and of course had to practice with it at home so she could learn how to do it. It's 16.2 megapixels and like her old Sony does video and still shots. In fact this one does HD video.

This camera has a real cool tool for doing panorama shots - those really wide pictures. She says this is so cool because you make the picture by moving the camera from left to right. The camera does the rest.

In this one you can see me in the far right corner.

Mom says my bloggie is too narrow to do the pictures justice but I think you can see what she means.

It also lets her take 10 pictures in a burst - like one after another which is really helpful when shooting pictures of me.

This is a great series showing me doing a shake-off after coming out of the pond.

One more burst series - this one of me jumping in the pond to chase a stick dad through. I think these still shots are more fun than the movie pictures.

My apologies in advance because you will probably be seeing lots more burst series and geeky thinks on my blog thanks to this new camera. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm not like my mom and dad

Some say that people start to look like their pets. Well, I don't think it's happening with my mom and dad.

We get along great and I think we really understand each other but there are differences:

I like to eat cat poop and they don't

I like to roll in smelly things and they don't

I go the bathroom outdoors and they don't

I walk on four legs and they walk on two

I speak DOG and they speak HUMAN

They wear clothes and I DON'T (don't even think about one of those Howloween costumes mom, although avatar costumes are okay)

I have to wear a leash outdoors and they don't

I could go on for a long time here. Matt Beswick over at  Pet 365 Blog put together a cool infographic that shows some of the more important differences. Click on the poster to make it big enough to read (my bloggie isn't wide enough to do it justice).

Dog Anatomy Infographic
Dog Anatomy graphic created by Pet365, a UK pet supplies site with a fantastic collection of dog coats, collars and leads. Click here to view the full post.

It doesn't matter if we look alike inside and outside but whether we love each other and we sure do that. Maybe the Pet365 people we do a chart showing me how I am different from my kitty sister and brothers.