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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday Weekend Blog Hop

Well most of my friends on Twitter and Facebook know that Friday, May 28th, was my birthday and I was 2 in human years or 24 in doggie years.

We are celebrating all weekend, and it's a long one cause of the Memorial Day holiday Monday because it is also Mom's birthday today. She is not telling everyone how old she is but I don't think 54 is really that old. Oops. I may have given that away. Shhhhh. Don't tell any one.

Mom asked that I share a video that the people at America's State Parks did in honor of Memorial Day. Many people and their pets will be spending time this weekend in state parks across the country so it's a good video to watch.

Of course since it's Saturday it's also Blog Hop day and thankfully a LONNNNG weekend to read all the bloggies - the new and old.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thanks for the Awards!

Through the Blog Hop, I have met some great new friends and cool bloggies and new friends have checked out my blog. Special thanks to Romance Puppy and Macy's Puppy Tales for awarding me with this Versatile Blogger Award!

There are rules for accepting this award. (1) Thank the blogger who gave you this award. In this case two bloggers - lovely Sallie from Romance Puppy.

And the cute Golden puppy Macy from Macy's Puppy Tales:

2) I have to share 7 things about me. Okay here goes:

  • I am a big kisser. I lick your face, your arm, your leg, and not just sweet little kisses but giant lick the skin off your face smooches. When I send you Yoda Smooches, you need to understand what it really means.
  • I live with my mom and dad in a house that has a pond in my backyard and I go swimming a lot.
  • I am a stick-aholic. I see you with a stick and I have to take it. If you throw it I will chase it but I won't bring it back. I usually chew and destroy the sticks.
  • I have four kitty sibs but they do not like me much. I try to play with them but they are not interesting. So maybe playing to me (65 pounds of Yoda chasing poor little 12 pound kitty) is a little scary to them.
  • I have an older brother dog and my mom's mom's dog that live in the house but downstairs. By brother Goliath has to live downstairs because he has bad arthritis. Neither Goliath nor Roscoe (would he be my uncle?) like to play with me because I am old and bigger than they are.
  • I love chewing on bones. My favorite are piggy hooves. I also like the treats in the Big Red Bag by Merrick from Best Bully Sticks. Merrick makes the piggy hooves too and I get them from Best Bully Sticks too.
  • I also love toys. I am real hard on my plush toys (I eat them) and do tend to destroy most of my toys. But, I have some real good ones and my favorite store is Nip and Bones. My pal Baby Patches is the Chief Kit of that operation.
Now Rule 3 is to list fifteen bloggies I have recently discovered that I think are fantastic. Fortunately the Blog Hop has brought 15 new bloggies to me to bestow this award to. If I give you this award and you have just won it and done your post, just thank me. No one should have to keep finding 15 new bloggies to honor! (This also makes it easier for me so I don't have to do due diligence to find bloggies that haven't already gotten the award). AND, if they hadn't just given me the award, both Romance Puppy and Macy's Puppy Tales would be on this list for sure!

My blog roll is getting really long (110). Mom said it took two hours to read a week's worth of blogs and check out some new ones on the hop. There were 104 bloggies on the Hop this week! And we have not checked them all out yet. If you are one of my regular readers, please check the ones listed above out. It's worth it!

Well, Yoda Smooches to you all (and maybe you all have a better idea of what that means now)!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Saturday Another Hop

Happy Blog Hop Saturday efurryone! Mom has been very busy this week - well, what's new? We are relaxing and checking out all the new bloggies. And wow is the list long this week.

This next week is exciting. Since mom works in the park business, Memorial Day weekend being next weekend is a big thing. Her parks are busy most of the year but Memorial Day is kind of the official start of the summer season. There are two cool other things happening at work this week for her too but they are a secret until the official press releases come out next week. I will tweet and put them on Facebook right away!

And, then there's Friday my 2nd birthday and Saturday mom's xxxxx birthday. She made me put those xx's there!

So for the start of the summer season, here is a special song:

Happy almost Summertime!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shake Shake Shake then Hop Hop Hop

I am excited about the second week of Blog Hop and I am throwing my bloggie in the mix again, hoping to find some new cool blogs to follow and some friends who write the blogs.

But before we get on to the hop, I wanted to share this video mom took of me and my Busy Buddy Waggle (just happens to be on clearance at Nip and Bones and I have the medium/large one). I love this toy. Mom fills it up with my treats twice a day. She breaks the small training treats in half and also cut some things inside the waggle so the treats came out a little easier. I shake the waggle and treats fall out. You can see in this video how much I enjoy it. Sadly, mom only had her Blackberry handy and the light was low. She got a video editor software thingee she is just learning to use so she was able to add some light but it is not the best video.

Well, after the shakin' it's time for the HOP! Blog Hop that is:

Monday, May 10, 2010

BE the Change

My mom is kind of geeky but not real technical so she likes techie things if they are easy. She tried out the new Twitter Blackbird Pie (sounds nommy not techie to me). It is supposed to give you an HTML code that you can paste in a blog that will show the tweet instead of all that nasty print screen and cropping you had to do before (if anyone even bothered). It is easy as pie (why all the food references?) and works in Blogger bloggies. What you see when you are writing the post is a little messy looking but it looks great when posted.

Anyway, that's not what this post is about. I saw this tweet last night (warning: video and link in the video is a bit disappointing so don't bother). It caught my eye because it is exactly what BE THE CHANGE MEANS. Oh, and @MasterrYoda is no relation but he has a cool name. Guess he owns a dog named Yoda too.

Human Thought Is So Powerful That If We Focus Our Thought, We Can Change the World watch this video http://bit.ly/Great-Intentionless than a minute ago via API

I think the problem too many people are too selfish. It is so easy to get caught up in just what they want and what they need. Here's another saying that fits: THINK GLOBALLY and ACT LOCALLY.

@ConfuciusCat understands and that's why he started #Purrs4Peace. Anipals also started the #Pawcircle that @DanaPixie coordinates and so many anipals help so much with, because we know that we can make a difference. Whether you believe in the power of prayer or not, the caring and compassion for our community members makes a big difference. What I love about my Twitter friends is that we all believe we can make a difference -- so we are!

Special Yoda Smooches to all my pals and their humans who make a difference every day!

And did everybody get their Be The Change shirts from @BZTAT like my mom?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gotta Love Those Bots

One thing on Twitter makes me laugh more than anything else - BOTS.

I think it all started when I began tweeting about bacon. Probably at Dudefest. All the sudden bacon people were following me and retweeting me whenever I mentioned bacon. Since mom does Twitter for her job she started wondering what kind of apps these guys use. Anyway, we had some fun about the bacon bots.

Then there's the pet bots: @Anipals, @ASmarterDog and @PetBizRipoffs. Well, we think they are bots because all they do is Retweet folks. They seem to be affiliated with something called Pawsville that isn't in service any more. Who knows. What's funny is that they randomly retweet my tweets and others and sometimes it is just so funny. Tonight they decided to retweet what I tweeted about mom drinking coffee with Kahlua White Russian mix in it. Seems like lately they are retweeting me more than usual. Maybe efurrybuddy else is blocking them. I kind of enjoy them.

Then there was the Twitter people that kept registering all my new avatars. I think they are behind a few so maybe they stopped.

Who or what is behind these Twitter accounts? Makes my head hurt to think about it so I just bark out loud when I see them.

Then something spooky happened the other night. I was tweeting with @MattieDog and mentioned I was thinking about going a little risque with my next avatar. He told me to go for it. But then, @_magic8ball tweeted me:

OMD - it told me not to. Bad thing was I had already loaded it up. It's a good avatar but I have had a few pals talk about my limited endowment and a bunch of pals mention that I'm nekkid. Was @_magic8ball right? NAH! The new avie is fun!

P.S. Nekkid in famous art is perfectly okay. This is a famous fresco on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo called "The Creation of Adam."

Happy Mommy's Day

My mom doesn't have any human children but she is one terrific mom to all her furry children and we love her. She spoils me with toys and special treats (okay maybe not as much as Buttons' mom spoils her). She is fun to cuddle with and tolerates my overly enthusiastic smooches.

I wasn't really surprised to discover that the whole country had recognized how great mom is. Click here to see the special news.

My mom's mom lives here with us and she is a really special lady too.

So, here is a wish for my mom, my mom's mom and all the human and furry mom's out there!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Actually I am confused by the stuff in that video. In our house dad does all those things!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Quick Change Artist

Mom and me are on the committee helping with Bark World Expo so we made sure we got some of my favorite avatar pictures together to send to them for the video screens at the event. I wanted to share it will all my friends too. Be sure to work on yours and send to Frankie Beans at frankieelperro@gmail.com. I hope you are coming to the pajama pawty, Friday, May 14th 7:00 PM – 1:00 AM ET. Oops, I better look for some PJs on FaceinHole.com!


Also, I am very happy to participate in Blog Hop. Seeing all these bloggies is a little scary because I already can't keep up with the blog roll. Maybe mom will have to quit her job to stay home to read them all to me so we don't get behind.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chilipawty Persona

The votes are in - on the bloggie and Twitter - and the winning avatar for #Chilipawty is, ta-da

Mariachi Yoda

Most of my pals thought the guitar suited me. I had votes for the two other pictures too and the votes were so high for #2 that I decided that by day and night I am Mariachi Yoda but when I have to put the bitey on bad guys, I turn into, you guessed it


I thank you for efurryone that voted to help me make up my mind. And now I am going to put this costume on and get my guitar ready. I'm DJing at 7 p.m. eastern so be sure and come by and listen to some tunes!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Stickaholics Anonymous

After my video last year where mom humiliated me by staying "where's the stick" over any over again, it was no secret that I have a problem. If mom or dad pick up a stick, I have got to get it, no matter what. And mostly, I have to destroy it.

Fortunately, we have lots of trees and sticks fall off them all the time. Dad or mom will throw them in the pond and I will go get them. But no way do I bring them back, because they are MINE, ALL MINE. The yard has a steep slope from the main level to the water and mom and dad can not walk up that very well. So, if I have a stick I'm not ready to nom on, I just leave them down there. I almost lost my good orange tug toy I got from Nip and Bones because I took it down there with my sticks and refused to bring it back. Dad managed to get that one.

I have two favorite pictures from Sunday. This one shows me flying through the air as I dive in to chase the stick which is still in the air too.

This one shows me running so fast I look like one of those big cats in Africa chasing down my prey. My prey - a STICK! Mom made this her new picture on her computer desktop.

Mom made a video of the pictures she took on Sunday of me chasing sticks in the pond, trying to jump to get them from daddy, running to fetch them, carrying them around and even destroying a couple. Mom doesn't know how to use copyrighted music in a You Tube video so she hasn't posted this one yet there but she is putting in this bloggie.

Just for fun, I am submitting this video/slide show to the Anipal Academy Awards.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day!

The last day of April is Arbor Day that celebrates trees. The first day of May is May Day and celebrates spring. These two days go together great! May is also great because it is the month of my birthday and mom's birthday (but that is another story later in the month).

Since mom was in internet wasteland for Earth Day, we think celebrating these two days is a good time to show my participation in making my blog carbon neutral. I don't want to leave a carbon pawprint that poisons our planet so this program is great. I love trees and planting trees is the best way to clean that carbon right out of the air. My thanks to my pal Shawnee Shep for letting me know about this great program.

We have lots of trees in our back yard but more trees are better. You might remember if you followed me last year that me and mom were tweeting about voting to plant trees in Furrginia for a contest by Odwalla. This company that makes noms and drinks for humans is really committed to planting trees around the country. Furrginia got $24,000 to plant trees in our state parks and they have been planting good size trees, not baby ones that might die, this spring with lots of Earth Day and Arbor Day events in the parks. Mom and her co-workers have been blogging about it. Even the Furrginia Governor planted a tree! Stayed tuned because this year there will be more voting. Mom heard that the contest will be for all states this year so you can vote to plant trees in your state parks too.

Anyway, to plant a tree to make your bloggie carbon neutral, you need to blog about the program and paste the button of your choice (you copy the html code from the website if you click my button). Then you email your bloggie link to CO2-neutral@kaufda.de and they plant a tree with the help of the Arbor Day Foundation. Simple as pie. Now why did I start thinking about pie? Help me and Shawnee put the bitey on that carbon stuff!


I am having trouble deciding what to wear to Chilipawty. Please let me know which one you like best.

Here I am as a Mariachi playing my guitar

Here I am as one of the most famous dogs - the Taco Bell Dog

And here I am as Zorro

Please post a comment to tell me what I should wear to the pawty!