Hi! My name is Yoda and welcome to my blog!

About Me

My Story

Mom's boss had a neighbor who had some "surprise puppies" and he asked Mom and Dad if they wanted one. They said no at first and then they saw the pictures. My dog mom was a German Shepherd. We are not positive about the low life father dog that jumped in mom's yard and got her in a "family" way and then left her with the puppies, but the thinking is it was a black Lab and since six of the nine pups were solid black, it's a good guess.
 It didn't take long for me to escape my puppy prison

 I was soooo cute (actually still am)

I was born on May 28, 2008 and came to live with my family exactly eight weeks later.

 I was about 4 months old here

I do cute things with me ears
There were four cats there already and they didn't like me much, but every day it gets a tiny bit better.

Mostly mom helps me type my blog and comments on my friends' blogs. We blog about fun stuff and sometimes issues that we support (or want to complain about). Mom works for Virginia State Parks so I talk about our visits to her parks sometimes.

My very first vacation at Grayson Highlands State Park (4 months old)

I actually do have my own email address but mom spends so much time at work, the best way to contact us is through her email address: nancy.heltman@dcr.virginia.gov. Pals don't worry about mom getting lots of spam because the state government puts the bitey on spammers!

Occasionally we do reviews of products and we like to mention my friends that have pet businesses. I will always tell you if I have been rewarded by the product for my comments. But I promise you, no amount of bribing will convince me to say nice things about something I don't like!

I lost this fire hose material toss toy but the 
summer's drought coughed it back up