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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Santa Paws Drive and the #PepiPawty

All the anipals got in the holiday spirit with this mini-pawty to raise money for the @SantaPawsDrive. Here I am dressed up for the occasion is my James Bond Dog outfit, holding my barktini, shaken not stirred. You can support the SantaPaws Drive from my blog - see the widget on the left.

I was dashing but I did not hold a candle to the guest of honor @PepiSmartDog who came all the way from the Rainbow Bridge to be part of the festivities. He is a well known poster dog. My pal @BuddyBentley did a really cool tribute for him.

After what was bound to be a tiring event last weekend for the special pawpawty and wedding, @frugaldougal was quizz master for the entire event. The anipals and their friends were so very generous that there was a pwize for every fifteen minutes! I bet @frugaldougal sleeps good tonight!

I got to DJ as well as some of the regular gang: @BunnyJeanCook, @MattieDog, @GeorgetheDuck, and @Flicka47.

It was a wonderful afternoon for me. And mom found some really cool Etsy and other shopping sites from some of the pawty supporters. She is going to be soooo broke.

PS - Mom finally found a site to get me dressed up! It is cool but she has gone a little overboard.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Monster in My House

I am not afraid of stuff under normal circumstances. Thunder booms, firecrackers and loud noises are ho hum boring. But there is one evil monster I DO NOT like and it lives in my house. Fortunately it sleeps a lot. But today it was awake and growling and I was very afraid it was going to eat one of my favorite bone pieces.

One of my bones is to the right of that big ugly spot on the carpet - which I did not do, by the way (silly dad spilled coffee). I know the monster is on when the light is shining. Dad seems in control over it but I do not take any chances. You can see I have taken a respectful distance but I am watching carefully.

Good news is the monster did not get my bone. Mom said if it ate my bone the monster would break. Hmm - might be worth losing one bone to get rid of the monster once and for all.

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Blind Date

I'm sure all of my readers know about the spectacular Anipal Wedding at the end of the November #PawPawty. All I can say is wow! @Hanseebundee married @Poppy_Dog in what was THE event of the season. While many helped make it happen, @FrugalDougal was wedding planner extraordinaire.

Just in case you missed it or were living on Mars somewhere, the wedding album, compliments of @javathecat can be found here. But I digress.

While I usually go stag to all of the #pawpawty and related anipal events, I thought the wedding was something special and I should have a date. I am only 18 months old and inexperienced in the ways of romance. So I consulted my human mom for advice. I should also mention that I'm on the shy side. She suggested I tweet that I was looking for a date to the wedding and see if I got any takers.

Well, I did! A wonderful cat, @SimoneLeChat, also said she was without a date and agreed to go with me! I sure was lucky to find a date with a sexy french name. She has the most amazing tortoise color fur. This is her picture:

We danced at the #pawpawty Saturday evening and she was a fantastic dancer. So we had a good chance to get to know each other better. I am amazed she did not have a date already because she seems to be very popular and has a wonderful personality, not to mention she is beautiful and a great dancer.

We had a great time at Hans and Poppy's wedding. Simone did get thrown into Twitter jail during the reception but it was a memorable event and certainly a date that I will never forget! Thank you Simone!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

DJing for Pawties

I have been a DJ for several #Pawpawty and other anipal events now. It is a rush!

I usually use blip.fm for my spinning but this time I checked out Grooveshark. It was slick. If any of you anipals are interested in DJing, I will pass on my limited wisdom.

Maybe some folks are better than me at this, but I believe that planning is important. First thing I do is think about the pawty's theme. Like #dudefest or the Halloween #pawpawty, you try and think up songs that fit the theme. One caution - remember that other DJs may be doing the same thing so you have to be extra creative (and it doesn't hurt to listen to the DJ before you to avoid duplicates). It is all just fun, but I am a perfectionist.

When I use blip, I turn off the Twitter service, find the songs and add them to my play list. When the pawty is on, I turn Twitter back on and reblip them. I use two sessions going - one for the song I'm playing so I know when it's time for a new one, and the other queuing up for the next song.

Grooveshark was pretty nifty because it is not set to tweet automatically. I developed a play list and then when I was DJing I started the song and clicked on to share with Twitter. Grooveshark lets you have multiple play lists too.

One thing to watch - make sure you don't forget the hash tag for the pawty!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Special #PawPawty Pwize

My Twitter anipal @PetietheCat lives way up north in Canada and donated a pwize for the Halloween #pawpawty I last wrote about. He told me he always waits to see who wins the contest before he buys the pwize so he can pick out one special. Well, he did an exceptional job!

It is my perfect toy. It has all the important elements: a stuffed toy with a squeaker! a rope to tug and chew! and a tennis ball! He also sent me a couple of nommy cookies.

Thanks @PetietheCat!