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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sad for Arizona

Many of you know that my mom works for Virginia State Parks. She does the social media stuff for them in addition to a lot of other stuff. She works hard for them because she thinks parks are very special places. Other than to talk about how much I love parks and my visits there, we don't talk business on this blog or my Twitter very often.

But yesterday we heard some sad news I wanted to share with everyone. Seems like Arizona will be closing many of their state parks - maybe even all of them - by June. That makes us all sad - those that work for all parks and their families like me. Three hundred people will lose their job. Communities who rely on the tourism that the parks bring in will lose that. Like Virginia's state parks, Arizona raised a lot of their operating money with their own fees, about 40%. Like Virginia I bet that the Tourism and economic impact of the parks more than bring the state and local economy the balance of the $13 million.

Times are tight. The states face horrible budget cuts for essential services and things have to be cut. This same state is selling all of their government facilities to lease them back. But are parks a luxury? We don't think so, but you might have your own opinion. Parks make people feel good and I sure think they need to feel good now. Parks help people be more healthy and we certainly know that this generation of children need to learn healthy pursuits. But when you also consider the parks support the economy, well even a dog has to scratch his head.

My family has all their park staff families in our prayers. We also mourn for the park supporters and volunteers who work so hard and even offered to run the parks as volunteers. Now that's love. And we mourn for the people of Arizona and the state's visitors who won't have the parks to recreate in and to connect with the natural world.


Mariodacat said...

Oh Yoda - dat is very sat news indeed. State parks are wonderful places for everyone to visit.. What a shame to be closing them. I keep you in thoughts & prayers dat your mama will still have a job.

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

I don't unnerstand that either. So many places are opening parks like the park in the sky I woz at yesterday wot just opened in Oct last year. They say it has bringed lots of monies into Poughkeepsie, NY from peeples wot use the park. Mom just readed an articul wot sayed towns wot woz dying in PA comed back to life coz of the Great Allegheny Passage rail trail wot now runs thru there where peeples ride bikes on. Somebodies in Arizona is making a bad, bad decishun. So very sad.

Yoda_the_Dog said...

Mario - fortunately mom works for Virginia so her job not in peril but she feels bad for the Arizona State Park folks.

Shawnee - Arizona's published state park economic impact is more than what they cost the state. Mom is posting a blog tomorrow with some of the details.

LouPeb said...

Oh no I live in Arizona! No state park? No way! we love state parks! no no no! *whine*

Yoda_the_Dog said...

Oh no Lou. Sorry. Maybe they can still save them! I think they are still keeping 9 open.