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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Missing some friends

Mom and I confess that we have not been paying much attention to our blog roll lately. She has been really, really busy and the blog roll is really, really long so those two things have meant we haven't posted much or read much. We stopped doing the Saturday blog hop but hope to be able to come back when things calm down.

This is me looking sad (even with a hoof to chew on)

Today we were poking around looking for some of our favorites (and we are also bad about reading and not commenting cause sometimes we just can't think of anything clever enough to say). But we clicked on some of our favorites tonight and found that for a few of them it had been months since they posted. The last post was not some sad thing about why they were leaving or they were sick or too busy or the muse went away. It was just a nice post and then nothing.

And that makes me sad. What happened to my friends? Should I be worried about them? It happens on Twitter sometimes too and since I have moved to my legal Facebook page there are some folks I don't catch up as much with there anymore because they have to follow my mom (and it does get a little confusing sometimes). It's the only thing I don't like about our community. Sometimes we just don't know folks well enough to be able to find them. But maybe that's because WE are not connecting on a deep enough level but maybe that's what we like a little too.

Mom and me will have to do some deep thinking on this subject.....


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I know just what you mean about our furends that just ... POOF... with no explaination.. Don't they know that we worry? BAH
So... just yesterday I went through my blog roll... and I deleted (stopped following) 10 blogs that have not posted in MONTHS... and 2 that have not commented on my blog fur over 6 months... beclaws I just figure that they are not interested in me any more.
I guess our internets furends are just like IN THE FURS furends... we just grow apawt. My mom says I have to suck it up and call it... LIFE is Like That SOMETIMES.
Anyway.. I am glad that YOU are still around and I hope you will continue to be.
Heck.. I am still remembering the day that the grrrreat bandana arrived for me.
Some furends are just too wonderful to lose.

Backcountry Brodie said...

I knows wot you mean, Yoda. No worries, if'n doggie heaven furbid something woz to happen to me, mom would post fur me to let my furrends know. I is no puppeh any more but I do plan on hanging around a long time yet. Like Frankie, I cleaned dog howse the udder day and unfollwed bloggies wot duss not post any more and those wot post too much but all stuff that is unrelated and just clogs up my reader so I miss the furry impawtant stuffs. I just hope I did not delete any furrends by axident. Yikes. I hope they howl at me if'n I did.

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Well, az fer "cleanin'house" on our blog, mom sed when we switched bakgroundz on our blog, that accidentally happened with a lot of our stuffz so mom iz SLOWLY gettin'it added bak. We du try tu post at least a couple timez a week - may-b more an'we du'try tu comment sum whenever we can butt we iz guilty of readin'then not knowin'how tu comment or the sudden urge tu go outside hitz us an'we fergitz tu comment. Butt yep, we gotz several blogz that we signed up tu follow only it haz bin a few monthz since they posted last. Mom wantz to make us up a skedule so we can keep track each week where we leave our commentz cuz we no we don't alwayz du a good job of it. BUTT - we iz here now an'happy tu b here - that'z really all that matterz.

Mariodacat said...

I knows what you mean pal. I has noticed some missing too, and we always worry if they is sick, crossed the bridge, or what did happen. I always apporeciate it when they gives a little warning post explaining why they will be missing for awhile. Tell your mom not to worry, we know she gets busy sometimes and can't always read the blogs like she would like to. It happens to all of us sometimes.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Since Mom went bakhk to work earlier this year, we've gotten way behind in reading and khommenting -

During the SIXTEEN months she was under my paws - and getting in the way of my naps - we khould visit lots and lots -

Now, to keep her sane we need to mark as read and/or just read -

I don't want to spend all of her free time with me having her on the laptop!

SO, we are still here!