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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Cat Burglar

Many of you know my brofur cat Caesar. He has a blog and Twitter account that are seriously in disuse but he has been around before. Well I have a funny story about Caesar. 

I call him the Tubby Tabby because he is a hefty guy. You could probably put Cleo and Sabrina together and not quite make Caesar. He is pretty agile in spite of his girth and often makes amazing leaps from furniture to the back of dad's recliner. He has nearly toppled the chair over before.


Anyway, mom ordered the family the complete set of Cat Sitter Videos because Boris Kitty was always raving about them. I am not offended because I love birds and I believe mom got them really for me even though the name has CAT in it. Of course, we have had them since we got back from vacation Sunday and the are still un-viewed.

Mom ordered the videos from CatToys.com and a trial packet of cat treats came with the package. I will try to forgive the packers at CatToys.com because obviously they were misled by the name of the videos into thinking the package was for cats so I guess that's why they sent the cat treats instead of dog treat samples. The trial sample was for Zuke's Natural Purrz Salmon Treats. Actually mom did not pay attention at the time so she had to ask Boris Kitty's Human2 today what kind they were. 

 Tubby Tabby

Mom sat the treats aside and dad found them yesterday. He gave the cats some and they really liked them. My kitty sibs are very picky about their treats which is why I have a giant basket of treats and chew things and they have virtually nothing. So them going wild over the treats is high praise. Little did dad know how much they - or at least Caesar - liked them. Dad put the leftover bag of trial treats in my treat basket which was on top of some large storage boxes.

Later that day dad heard some paper rustling. Cleo is a shredder so he looked around to see what she had found to shred only it wasn't Cleo. He saw Caesar with the empty Zuke's trial package. Caesar had climbed up, found the treats in my big basket, brought the package down to the floor and had eaten them all. While you can tell by looking at Caesar he likes his noms, he has never done anything like this before. Other bags of cat treats have sat within his reach and were never disturbed. Sabrina has been known to chew through dog food and cat food bags (before mom and dad started putting them in large plastic tubs) but never Caesar. I think he really liked those treats!

Don't mess with my Zuke's

Hmmm. If they are that good, I think I might need to get mom to buy some of the Zuke's dog treats for me!

Note: we did not receive any free product or gratuity of any kind from Zuke's or CatToys.com other than the small trial bag of treats.


Frankie Furter said...

I've gotta say it... I tried to hold it in... butt I was afraid I would burst..

Gad Zucks !!!

Whewwwwie... I feel soooooo much better NOW.

♥ Sallie said...

LOL! I guess he really did like those treats!

Boris Kitty said...

everybuddy at CatToys.com wuz laffin out louds affer reading dis story.

I iz MOLin too!

Max the Quilt Cat said...

He ate them all???? Lucky cat... but hope he doesn't become tummy ache cat. Great blog post.... Let us know how you like the videos.

jen said...

LOL! That is way too funny:)
Those must of been some good treats:)

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Oh, Yoda, you so has to get some of the Zuke's dog noms - you will be climbing up and swiping them out of the treat baskit too! Mom keeps mine in the pantry. Going to go figger out how to get that door open...

Priscilla said...

That's really funny... can't stop laughing after reading it... The treats seem really yummy though.

Mariodacat said...

Dat Cesear is one handsome cat. he he - he pulled a good one didn't he.

Sam said...

Oh Mighty Cesear...

He really liked those treats, didn't he?