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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yoda's Book Recommendations and the Saturday Hop

I mentioned in my last post about all of the books mom read on vacation. Mom loves to read but is usually so busy she doesn't have time. Since she has a long drive to work, she listens to books instead of reading them. I like when she reads because she shares them with me.

There were two books I liked the most that we read on vacation and they were both by one of my favorite authors Dean Koontz. My friend Teeny likes Dean too because he did a review of The Darkest Evening of the Year. Dean Koontz has dog characters in a lot of his books. Often they are major characters like in the book Teeny reviewed. Some of my other favorites are Watchers, Breathless, Brother Odd (this had a GHOST dog), Fear Nothing, Seize the Night and Ticktock.

Mom and I read Relentless by Dean Koontz. Dad read it too. Relentless was a fast paced book about a writer terrorized by a book critic. Trust me, the critic does not stop at writing to express his dissatisfaction of the lead character's writing. The man and his wife have a six year old who is a genius with a specialty in physics. They have a dog named Lassie. If you think the original Lassie was smart and saved Timmy, wait until you see what this Lassie can do! You will really love the story about how the family rescued Lassie (or was it the other way around)?

Dean Koontz's books are often suspenseful and there is also usually some kind of evil in the book. But what is so wonderful about his work is that his characters that are often put through some really bad stuff never lose hope and live life with humor and love.

The other book I am recommending is also by Dean Koontz. It is called A Big Little Life and is non-fiction. This book is about Dean and Gerda Koontz and their amazing Golden Retriever Trixie. Trixie was trained as an assistance dog by Canine Companions for Independence. After her training she was an assistance dog for six months until a congenital problem with her elbow joint was found and she had to have surgery. After elbow surgery, Trixie had to retire as an assistance dog and she was adopted by Dean and Gerda Koontz. Trixie was the first dog they had ever had in their family and Dean writes with such love as he tells the story about their beloved Trixie. The book also gives you a glimpse of what Dean is like and why he writes with just humor and hope.

Dean wrote a lot of the books with dogs before he adopted Trixie. It is obvious he has some special connection to dogs. But nothing will prepare you for this story. You have to know from the outset that Trixie is OTRB so be prepared for tears but this book is really amazing and well worth the tears. Dean makes it very clear that Trixie changed their lives and made him a better writer. Dean and Gerda have another Golden now named Anna who is related to Trixie. Trixie died at the age of 12 and had lived with Dean and Gerda for nine years. This quote from Trixie's bio on her web page will give you an idea:

Trixie was an angel on earth, shorn of her wings and given fur as a disguise, with mysterious eyes, with the heart of a lion and the temperament of a lamb. She changed us as people, made us better by her example, brought piercing beauty and so much humor into our lives, and left a terrible void when she went to God.

Trixie has authored some books herself. In fact on September 16 her latest children's book, Trixie and Jinx, was released.You can find out all about Trixie by clicking here.

Be sure and check out his Facebook page as well as Trixie's!

And now, for the Saturday blog hop, after my absence of two weeks!


Ivy, the Yellow Lab said...

Vacation coming up and the humans need books! Thanks so much!

Samantha said...

Hi Yoda! Has been waaay too long and I love your post! I loves Dean Koontz' books too, but we gots all leaky after reading the book about Trixie. But it was a WONDERFUL story about an amazing pupper dog. Will have to look into the books by Trixie - have heard about them, but Mom hasn't gotten one yet - we'll be his and her fans on FB! Thanks!
Hugs xoxoxo
Sammie and Avalon

Mariodacat said...

Hmmm, Maybe we'll have to give Dean Koontz another try. M read Falks Memory in 2006, but didn't care for it, so she never ready anymore of his books. She said seh'll try again. Maybe it was just that particular book. Thanks for the good review. M has read so many books that she's been keeping a list of everything for the past 5 years. It's a very long list.

JackDaddy said...

I've pretty much had to stop reading books about dogs, as they never seem to make it to the end!

JackDaddy said...

I've pretty much had to stop reading books about dogs, as they never seem to make it to the end!

Benny and Lily said...

We would prefer Dr, Suess, Green Eggs & Ham
Benny & Lily

Priscilla said...

Hi Yoda, thanks for recommending those books to us. Your mom is really clever, what a good idea that she listens to stories while driving, and you all can listen to the stories too. Lucky you!!!