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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The V-E-T

I am 18 months old so this is not technically my first visit to the Vet. Last December 9th mom and dad took me to this Spay and Neuter Clinic in Gloucester, Virginia. The worst part about that was they left me there but the nice people there put me to sleep and I missed the rest of what happened. They neutered me, gave me all my shots, and trimmed my nails.

No such luck this time. I really didn't know what to expect. A couple of my friends on Twitter joked with me about it. We went to a pet store - Care-A-Lot Pets in Newport News where they have a wellness clinic every Saturday. We had to wait a long time in line because lots of people come here to save money on shots according to mom. The picture at the left is me with my daddy waiting in line.

I met a whole lot of really neat dogs and people. There were some cats too but they were all safe in their carriers. Considering there was a dog there that even scared me, I don't blame them one bit. There was a real cute Jack Russell Terrier and a Toy Poodle. I saw a little pug dog dressed up in her Christmas outfit and the poodle had a cool bomber jacket on.

Mom and Dad were real proud of me because I haven't been exposed to that many people and other dogs before and I was real good. The dog behind us was real aggressive and I just ignored him (he was the scary one). I even did "SIT" when the Vet Tech lady asked me. I thought Mom would faint.

Mom and dad stayed with me the whole time and even helped hold me when the Vet Tech drew blood for my heart worm test. Mom says those kinds of worms are very bad and I get a treat every month to keep from getting them. Anything that involves a treat is fine with me. Then the Vet came, a very nice man, and examined me all over and gave me a shot, some tasty stuff in my mouth and some unpleasant spray that went up my nose. I think I liked the nose stuff the least.

Dad held me while I was on the Vet table

Then we were done. Or, I thought we were because "since we were there" we dropped by the grooming place for a nail trim while mommy waited for the test results. Yay! I passed. And, they bought me this giant hoof which I am going to go back and nom on after I post this.

Mom explained that going to the Vet is very important to stay healthy and it really was not that bad. And, it was something that the three of us did together!

This is the nommy hoof I got as a treat for being so good.

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