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Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Wonderful Christmas

We had a very nice Christmas. It started Christmas Eve. Mom had to go shopping because she also waits until too late to buy gifts for her family. She and dad cooked a wonderful special dinner of pheasant for Christmas Eve dinner. Selfishly they ate the food without sharing and even, unusually, ate at the table downstairs where I could not even beg for scraps.

After dinner mom came back upstairs and helped me by typing on Twitter for the Catmas Eve Pawty given by George the Duck and the House of the (Mostly) Back Cats, benefiting Black Cat Rescue. I DJ'ed for an hour and stayed until 3 a.m., the end of the pawty. I was following Santa's delivering of presents around the world via @NoradSanta on Twitter. I loved the Google Earth view of Santa' s trip.

The next morning was Christmas and mom and dad gave me my present (more on that below). Mom and dad did leave me for a while at night to go over to mom's sister's house for dinner with the whole family, but the rest of the day they stayed with me!

My big present was a brand new, whole piggy foot.

I worked really hard on this hoof and in a few hours had chewed it down to these pieces:

Don't worry - I will continue chewing on all these little pieces.

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Baby Patches said...

OMC! Momma say she didn't knows you could buys piggy foots for doggies MOL

Merry belated Christmas Yoda! I is happy to hears it was wonderfur.