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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolution

I have a few special New Year Resolutions.

#1 More time outdoors

#2 More treats

#3 More bones like this one

#4 More time with mom and dad

#5 More toys

Unfortunately, my New Years resolutions are dependent on mom and dad so they better read this and make some resolutions of their own!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

YES Yoda... I certainly agree that THEY SHOULD do SO!

JacksDad said...
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JacksDad said...

I think you should print these out and post them somewhere they are sure to see! :)

Yoda_the_Dog said...

What a great idea Jack Daddy! They will never miss it on the TV. If I cover the place where they watch the pictures it will be even more effective!

Prudence said...

Excellent resolutions Yoda! I hope that you won't mind if I add a couple of them to my list, baroooo!

Cathy Keisha said...

Toda! Happy New Year. As a cat, I don't make revolutions cos I'm purrfect. I do make them for the peeps and they include more toys and playtime.

How Sam Sees It said...

Good luck with those resolutions!

Happy New Year!


Backcountry Brodie said...

Those do be some mighty fine resolushuns, Yoda. Happy New Year!

Kari in Alaska said...

GREAT resolutions

Stop on by for a visit

Two French Bulldogs said...

You have a good list there. Om my that bone!! Yum
Happee New Year
Benny & Lily