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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blog the Change for Animal Adoption

Today (January 15) is Blog the Change for Animals Day. One day each quarter, animal bloggers around the world blog about the causes that are important to them and we start an important conversation on these issues.

I have a number of causes that are important to me but today I want to write about the importance of pet adoptions. There are so many pets in shelters and rescues around the world, so many animals that were abused or just unloved or just don't know what it is to have a family like we do. 

While I did not come from a shelter or rescue, I was part of an "unplanned" litter of puppies and might have ended up there. All my kitty sibs (there are four) come from rescues or shelters. Our latest addition, Alexis, we adopted from a rescue organization at PETCO this past June. All of my family members have different personalities and are wonderful in their own way, but Alexis is something really special. She came into our lives and made all of the animals happier. She is so loving and playful she has made the other cats like me and they all are more affectionate and playful even though they are getting older.

So, I want to urge everyone who reads this to think about opening their home to one of the many, many pets waiting in shelters for their furever homes. I guarantee you that your life will be enriched and never the same. Please though remember that an adoption truly is a commitment. Pets demand time and attention and are also a financial responsibility. If you are not ready for that commitment, don't make it. Because as sad as all of the animals in shelters make me, it is even sadder when a pet has a home and then loses it. I know that sometimes there are terrible things that happen and people have to give up their pets, but this should not be because the family took their commitment lightly.


Shane Kent Louis said...

I love eyes white kittie! your so beautiful

It's all About Pet Fences | Dog Fence

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

VERY well said!!!

Cat Chat With Caren and Cody (Caren Gittleman) said...

YAY!! Great post!! I loved it because my Mom adopted ME from an organization that was at PETCO back in 2007!!! It is strange because that PETCO no longer exists...it was like I was "meant to be" which I SURE WAS!

Your friend, Cody from Cat Chat

Pixel Blue Eyes said...

Hi Yoda my friend!
What a great post this is. You made some excellent points especially about people really understanding that it IS a lifetime commitment. So many folks don't really get it in that regard. So glad my Mommy does & yours obviously too.
I have 3 cat sisters, all that are rescues. Our latest one had some behavioral issues, but since Mommy has worked hard to train her (patience is so important), Snowflake is much gentler and sweeter. Thank you for sharing in my blog the change subject of adoption. Kindred spirits I suppose!
Take care & keep in touch please!

Mariodacat said...

I agree with you pal - first adopt from shelters and only if you are able to afford it - that means paying for vet bills, annual checkups, and any other need that comes up.

Backcountry Brodie said...

Furry nicely pawed, Yoda. And if'n I mite add, (your ummmm, pawrentage brings this to mind) peeples wot alreddy has pets need to BE SURE they is spayed and nootered so more dussn't end up in shelters with no homes.

And wot you asked about huntin, PA, CT, MA and NJ has no huntin' on Sundays eggsept in wildlife management areas in NJ. NY, howefur, has huntin' efury day of the week but some parks and/or counties dussn't allow huntin' at all so we goes there if'n we go hiking in NY during huntin' season. I do still wear my no-huntin-me orange coz dogs has been shoosted dead by illegal hunters where they woz not supposed to be huntin' so we take no chances.

KimT said...

Adoption is such a very important topic, one that can make the difference in the lives of pets sitting homeless in shelters. You are truly awesome - 4 rescues?! Your newest kitty sounds like an angel, such a sweetheart. Continue spreading your great message!

Thank you for blogging and being the change for animals,
Kim Thomas
CindyLu's Muse

BtC4animals said...

I love when a special adoption story is told, and each one is truly special.

When people realize that it's about the bond, the love, and not the appearance of a breed that's important, that's when we'll see even more adoption stories. There are still so many myths to dispel, clarifying that rescue experiences are equally as positive, if not more more, than purchasing that puppy from the pet store window. It's about saving a live, not condemning one by supporting puppy mills. We need to keep educating, and that's what you've done today.

Thanks for Blogging the Change!
Kim C.

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golden retriever said...

Thanks Yoda for your great post.Actually you are right if we didn't come from a shelter or rescue, we were a part of an "unplanned" so i think we should love dogs and animals.And that is why i want to adopt a dog in my house.