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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Visit to the V-E-T

Yesterday I had my annual torture visit to the vet. As with most car outings, I am excited to get to go with mom and dad until we get in the car and I start feeling closed in. Mom claims she won't be hearing well for a week thanks to the high pitched whining I allegedly did during the five minute car ride. She exaggerates a lot though.

I didn't even know what was in store for me. I think I even forgot what place it was when we first went in. Well, for about five seconds.

Dad is smart so he walked me straight to the scale and I was exactly 67 pounds, maybe 2 pounds more from last year. But I do squirm on the scale so it is hard to get a completely exact reading.

My vet is Seaford Veterinary Medical Center in Yorktown and we saw Dr. Megan Alexander. If not for the torture treatment, she was a nice lady. All of the vets at this practice are women.

I will not stay still for any exam and they have a bunch of tricks to get me to do what they need - blood work, stool sample, shots and the worst the ear exam. First they know that I somehow behave worse when mom and dad are there so they take me in the back. Mom and dad heard my whining and crying the whole time. Then they were shocked that I was quiet. Turns out the Vet lady was smart and took me outside. As soon as I was outside, I let her listen to my heart and do the other bad stuff because I was distracted by the stuff outside. Watch for their tricks!

Mom and dad thought I had an ear infection because I have been scratching it and yelped whenever they accidentally touched it. They work hard to keep my ears clean and dry. Mom has ear stuff to dry them out after I go swimming but I don't like it. In fact just the mention of "ear stuff" sends me hiding. Mom was happy they were not actually infected but they were inflamed so the Vet sent us home with twice a day torture medicine for 5 days. The Vet had a hard time with the first dose because the floor was too slippery to get a good grip on me but I was good this morning when dad held me down on the bed. You can see in the picture below how greasy my beautiful ears look thanks to this nasty medicine.

The Vet said I was a fun dog and high energy. DUH. She also said I had the most beautiful teeth she had ever seen on a three and a half year old dog. Just keep those Merrick Red Bags coming mom! Her only concern is that the way my back legs are she said I will be more susceptible to hip problems so she suggested mom and dad start me on a glucosomine or fish oil supplement.

The Vet's office did confirm that this had to be the worst flea year they remember. And even though it's December we still have them because we haven't had a real freeze yet.

Well, so much for the annual torture Vet visit. I was a bit subdued for the car trip home and dad gave me a really nice bone from the Big Red Bag.


Jen said...

The vet can be a real big pain in the butt to go to! Elka doesn't mind it so much, other than being on the exam table. The table is the scale, and goes up and down! I don't really like it myself, and lift her up so that she doesn't have to "ride" it.

Mariodacat said...

Geesh pal, we should have gotten a double appointment. At least we could have shared our misery. Glad you got some yukky medicine for your ears tho so it doesn't get any worse. Hopefully neither of us will have to return to the vet for a long time.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I'll be sure to watch out fur the OUTSIDE.. escape thought.. Trick!!

Glad you had such a grrrrrreat Check up.

YEP.. bad year fur fleas in my area too.

Backcountry Brodie said...

OMD Yoda, you has me shakin in my fur now coz I has to go fur the annual torture and blood stealing a week from Monday. And if'n that not be bad enuff, from there I is going strate to a chiropractor V-E-T and he is going to move my INSIDES around coz my shoulder has been bothering me some after hiking. Help.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Wonder what the underlying meaning of high energy is..BOL
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Hey Yoda have your Pawrents tried using the Thunder Shirt for you when you go for car rides or to the dawgtor?

I hear from lots of furiends that it really works. I mean I would do like anything for a bye-bye ride. But hey thats just me.

I sure hope that your ears get better real fast so your peeps can leave them alone! BOL

woos, Tessa

Unknown said...

I used to love those VETS but I don't think I like to visit them any more. I still remember vividly that they did the girlie surgery for me and I had to stay a night at the VET! It was so scary!


How Sam Sees It said...

Sam loves the vet, but doesn't like having his temperature taken - even though they now do it in his ear. We hope you have a speedy recovery for your ear problem!


Prudence said...

Yikes Yoda! We love car rides, but as soon as I realize we're heading to the vet's, watch out! High pitched howling! We have ear issues too, mom's been cleaning and putting in the drops *shaking head* I'm blaming the kitties, barooo! Hope you got lots of treats fur your troubles buddy!

Kari in Alaska said...

Of course the vet thinks you're fun!!!

Stop on by for a visit

Anonymous said...

Hey Yoda!

Hope that you and yours have a



Missing you LOTS!

woos, Tessa