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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Toys and More Toys and Saturday Hop

I am getting a little embarrassed about my recent largess when it comes to toy delivery. This week yet another box arrived, this time an order from Baby Patches' store Nip and Bones. Mom ordered me some of those toys that have bungee cords in them. They don't have much stuffing and they pull good. She ordered these before I won the Skinneeez contest or else she probably would have waited.

As you can see, I assume a box that comes to the house is for me. Open the box faster Dad!

It's hard to tell what I got and this was the best picture. That Blackberry doesn't capture movement very well and a toy delivery means lots of excitement and blurry movement. I got an alligator and seahorse bungee toy. At Nip and Bones they are called Shore Thing Bungee Dog Toys. It is hard to believe they are only $3! I also got a super bouncy and sturdy ball called an Orbee-Tuff Woof and Fetch Ball. I got the green WOOF one and you can sort of see it under my chin in the picture. I also got this cool small rope toy (small for me - 8"). You might catch a glimpse of the rope in the picture too. I had a great big rope but this one is more fun. Finally mom actually sprang for a small cat toy (kitty catnip creature).

Okay before you think my mom is mean because she doesn't buy the cats much, they really do not like toys. Dad keeps them in catnip (he keeps it in the fridge to keep it fresh) so he gets them stoned periodically, and they play with the laser light, but toys not so much.

I have another box on its way from Nip and Bones with my Chewber replacements (yes that was plural) and my Tug A Jug toy that was back ordered and some other surprise mom got me. I think I am beginning to feel a little like Buttons! Only difference is that I destroy so many of my toys they don't accumulate like Buttons' do!

[By the way we do not get any free products or payment of any kind for blogging about Nip and Bones' products. We are just real fans!]

Now for the Hop! I am enjoying so many new bloggies!


Pumpkinpuddy said...

Cats are funny that way. Some like toys, some don't. I'm the first cat my mom has had that likes toys.

Looks like you got lots of wonderful toys. Enjoy them!

Frankie Furter said...

Holy Cow... all that stuffs was in ONE box??? And GRRRREAT stuffs too. Can't wait to see if you will post some more pictures of all of it.
Darn... It must be Christimas in July... I'm just sayin' here. You are reallllly lucky.
I like what your dad does for the cats. That is very much nice of him.

Frenchie Maintenance Supervisor said...

Thanks for toy review. We have to be careful about toys and nice to see them reviewed. See our blog entry: The Dog That Ate Our Vacation


Maggie Mae said...

Lots of great pressies! I will have to check out Baby Patches Store...

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Life With 5 Dogs said...

That is awesome, that you got so many new toys all in one day! Have fun playing with all your new toys.

Mariodacat said...

M loved your music this morning. Boy Yoda - I think you are in competition with @BusyButtons to see who can get the most toys. he he- You might just be the winner the last couple of weeks.