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Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Got Mail and Weekend Blog Hop

This was a fantastic week! After the tragic toy loss of my Chewber (and thank you so much for all the sympathy), I was a little depressed. But then there were TWO packages that came for me.

The first was all the way from England and from @HenryandFriends. This was my pawty pwize from winning a quiz. It was really three pwizes! First a giant cheeseburger with a whopper of a squeaker! We are not sure of the name of the next toy but I call it the "mom enabled ball launcher." We all know mom is a bad thrower (remember the Chewber?) This toy should really help her throw better! The last present was kind of for my mom - an eco friendly bag for her shopping. She always needs these so she is very happy too!

Here are the pwizes

I am not a good picture poser but you can tell I was going after these pwizes!

And the Cheeseburger is so much fun! No onions even and I think there is some bacon in there!

Sadly for mom and dad, it seems all the packages are for me so I know it as soon as dad brings one in. Mom thought it might have been something we ordered from Nip and Bones, but no, it was my contest pwize from Two Little Cavaliers, Davinia and Indiana. I won their Skinneeez toys contest! The contest was thanks for Ethical Products Inc. who market under Spot Brand Toys. They are on Twitter and Facebook!

When mom opened the box, I had my head in it right away to see what I had!

Wow - three cool toys!
I smell squeakers in those tails!
Yep, definitely a squeaker in there!
Aren't they cute? I got two Skinneeez toys - a raccoon and a fox. They are stuffingless and squeak in two places. The bear is a Skinneeez Big Bite which is a plush bear stuffed with a plastic water bottle. Bot does he crunch good!

Here I am with the raccoon toy!

And you will all be happy to know that mom ordered be 2 chewbers from Nip and Bones. They were on sale!

And now for the Hop!

By the way, my recent flurry of posts is very unusual for me so if you are a new follower either don't get your hopes up or don't be worried? BOL!


Pandafur said...

Wowza you got sum rilly kewl toyz yoda so I know you gonna haz lotsa fun! Happy 4th of July *purr*

Pumpkinpuddy said...

The game with the balls is called Jai Alai. You can read about it here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jai_alai It looks very fun and I know you'll have a good time playing with you Mom. Those are some pretty pawsome prizes you got.

JacksDad said...

Well this is just get lots of surprises in the mail week on all the doggy blogs!!!

I love your hamburgers!!

3 doxies said...

Hellos, I bes coming from da Hawaii pawty...I bes a little tipsy too...hehehe...but I loves you burgers and all you nifty stuffs you gots.
Oh, I am Puddles...don't listen to nuttin anybuddy tells you bouts me...hehehe. They be lieing.
Nice to meet you Mr. Yoda.

Backcountry Brodie said...

You and Buttons should has a squeaking competishun. Who does you think would win?

BTW, that ink blot thingie, I woz thinking it do be looking like your mom unner water in your pond looking for your Chewber BOL!

And I is so eggsited that I wonned your contesty. A six way tie, wow! (I thought your dad would lub the manicure thing BOL!)

Maggie Mae and Max said...


You gots some great pressies! Can I come play with you? :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS Puddles is OK in my book, you can listen to me, she is a good furiend and you will luvs her...

Michelle said...

Wow!! That is awesome! Glad to see you enjoying your new toys. :)