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Monday, May 3, 2010

Stickaholics Anonymous

After my video last year where mom humiliated me by staying "where's the stick" over any over again, it was no secret that I have a problem. If mom or dad pick up a stick, I have got to get it, no matter what. And mostly, I have to destroy it.

Fortunately, we have lots of trees and sticks fall off them all the time. Dad or mom will throw them in the pond and I will go get them. But no way do I bring them back, because they are MINE, ALL MINE. The yard has a steep slope from the main level to the water and mom and dad can not walk up that very well. So, if I have a stick I'm not ready to nom on, I just leave them down there. I almost lost my good orange tug toy I got from Nip and Bones because I took it down there with my sticks and refused to bring it back. Dad managed to get that one.

I have two favorite pictures from Sunday. This one shows me flying through the air as I dive in to chase the stick which is still in the air too.

This one shows me running so fast I look like one of those big cats in Africa chasing down my prey. My prey - a STICK! Mom made this her new picture on her computer desktop.

Mom made a video of the pictures she took on Sunday of me chasing sticks in the pond, trying to jump to get them from daddy, running to fetch them, carrying them around and even destroying a couple. Mom doesn't know how to use copyrighted music in a You Tube video so she hasn't posted this one yet there but she is putting in this bloggie.

Just for fun, I am submitting this video/slide show to the Anipal Academy Awards.


Tricia said...

I's in awe at your stick chasing abilities. Dat looks like SO MUCH FUN! Is Virginia far from Oregon? I's thinking I should come visit and gets lessons from you. I loves sticks too but it looks like you has better ones. Thanks for sharing your video!

Lou said...

wowza...look at you flying! You are soooo athletic!
Grrrreat shots! Love the pics and video!
hmmm how come i don't have stick fetish....
hey, hope you win :o) just for fun!

Mariodacat said...

Yoda - you are really good at chasing those sticks. It's fun chasing after stuff isn't it. i do like running after cat balls, so maybe you could give me lessons on how to do it better.

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Whoa, those is some most pawsome akshun shots there, Yoda! Most definitely Anipal Academy Award werthy!

Busy Buttons said...

Wow! Those are some AWESOME action pics!

theresa said...

Great stick chasing (& fetching!) Yoda!!! Love your video buddy!
(@tildatoo and Prudence)