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Monday, May 10, 2010

BE the Change

My mom is kind of geeky but not real technical so she likes techie things if they are easy. She tried out the new Twitter Blackbird Pie (sounds nommy not techie to me). It is supposed to give you an HTML code that you can paste in a blog that will show the tweet instead of all that nasty print screen and cropping you had to do before (if anyone even bothered). It is easy as pie (why all the food references?) and works in Blogger bloggies. What you see when you are writing the post is a little messy looking but it looks great when posted.

Anyway, that's not what this post is about. I saw this tweet last night (warning: video and link in the video is a bit disappointing so don't bother). It caught my eye because it is exactly what BE THE CHANGE MEANS. Oh, and @MasterrYoda is no relation but he has a cool name. Guess he owns a dog named Yoda too.

Human Thought Is So Powerful That If We Focus Our Thought, We Can Change the World watch this video http://bit.ly/Great-Intentionless than a minute ago via API

I think the problem too many people are too selfish. It is so easy to get caught up in just what they want and what they need. Here's another saying that fits: THINK GLOBALLY and ACT LOCALLY.

@ConfuciusCat understands and that's why he started #Purrs4Peace. Anipals also started the #Pawcircle that @DanaPixie coordinates and so many anipals help so much with, because we know that we can make a difference. Whether you believe in the power of prayer or not, the caring and compassion for our community members makes a big difference. What I love about my Twitter friends is that we all believe we can make a difference -- so we are!

Special Yoda Smooches to all my pals and their humans who make a difference every day!

And did everybody get their Be The Change shirts from @BZTAT like my mom?


Boris Kitty said...

pawsum posty der yoda. u be da dawg n da change!

we iz makin a difference n dat iz so cool.

Busy Buttons said...

My Mom sure made a difference...she adopted ME! *snickers*

Well, that's sorta the point, but not really. But now I'm trying to help her do what we can to help others. Maybe that's closer...

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Buttons is rite. Even wif all the monies in the werld if'n homeless animals has no home to go to, then nothing else matters. Getting adopted be the biggest and most importantest change.

Mariodacat said...

Yoda - this is an outstanding post. We can all make a difference if we just take dat tiny first step to change. luv you.,

LUCKY LUKE said...

Me and my brother the Bleu are rescues, so we owe our lives to the Mission!

And as much as we hate givin up time wif the Mom, we allow her to volunteer many hours wif the Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston. She's even the web"master" (and that's better on a counta she can do if from home!)!

Fank you for gettin this important message out to the folks!!!

wif love from the Luke

Confucius Cat said...

Awww. Thank you so much for the sweet mention of my Purrs 4 Peace project. Your blog is so professional and love the music too. Purrs 2 U.

Baby Patches said...

Awwwwwwwww Be the Change!!

I agrees wif you Yoda! Us anipals knows how fings are and we wants to helps however we can.

*high paws*