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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Half the Dog He Used to Be

Mom took on a major project today - it was furminate Goliath day. Goliath is my brofur dog but he lives downstairs with grandma because he is really old with bad arthritis and can't climb the stairs any more.

This is Goliath (he is worse than me about posing for pictures)

Goliath has what my mom calls an "under" coat. His fur "pops" out so you can just pick it off him. Furminating him is a chore only because he hates it. He is a very ticklish dog. When you brush him his foot starts scratching and it drives him crazy. It's almost like it's painful. So mom only does it when his fur is popping out all over. It also starts driving grandma nuts because she has to clean up after all the shedding. Here he is before today's furminating.

Mom loves the Furminator. I won it at a pawpawty for her just for Goliath (although she furminated grandma's dog Roscoe today too). The best thing is the button that ejects the fur off the comb part. While he probably could still have been furminated more, this is the after picture. Definitely half the dog he used to be!

This was the pile of fur that came off him. There was more but it was windy today and it blew away!

I wanted to share one more thing. I think I mentioned Mom was sick this week from all of the pollen. She says it's pine pollen. Mom and grandma cleaned the porch off today and you can see the yellow-green pollen just from part of the porch. Now that the worst has been swept off, we will hose it off.


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Wowser, that is a lot of furs (and a lot of pollens, whaaaachoooo!). Those furs wot blowed away, the burds will love that for their nests to keep their baby burdies soft and comfy, or at least mom says so. I would not knows that furstpaw. We don't think there is many bats left here. Those white nose cooties maded most of them ded :(. We is going to has lots of skeeters this year coz of it.

Anonymous said...

Growing up, we had a yellow lab who was so tame, the birds would fly down and pull the tufts right off of him! And Shawnee is right, they do love the fur for their nests. Whenever a nest fell out of a tree, you would see it lined with soft Sam fur!

Scout 'n Freyja said...

If it's spring then it is Furminator time, WOWZA!

Yoda_the_Dog said...

Linda - I bet it was fun to watch the birds take the fur tufts. We often just let the fur blow away but there was so much yesterday mom didn't want it looking messy on our freshly done yard.

Shawnee - weird stuff going on with bees and bats. They help make the flowers grow too. Maybe we should be worried.

Karen Friesecke said...

Even though jersey is a short-haired Vizsla, we *love* the Furminator!! It really makes grooming so much easier, but I've never had a pile of fur like you did in your picture!

Busy Buttons said...

Wow -- that pile of fur looks about as big as ME!

When I was reading your post, I thought at one part that you said your Mom was going to Furminate your Grandma. *snickers* I had to stop and read that part again...oopsie...