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Friday, April 16, 2010

Bath Time - NOT!

My buddy Boris is a very creative cat. In addition to hosting a memorable SciFi pawty, he now has a contest to give away a new shower massage thingee for pets. I am supposed to upload a picture of me getting a bath or needing a bath.

Well, this poses a little bit of a problem. Next month I will be two and other than two baths I had when I was a very little puppy (to get rid of the fleas I got from where I loved before I was adopted), I have never had what you would call a bath. Instead, I go swimming. Here I am, taking a bath, BOL!

I know what you're thinking - no soap. It is a mystery why I don't smell but I don't. I know, our pond must have magic water!

While I may not need the new shower washing thingee, I have two brofur dogs who live in my house who don't go swimming and are real stinky. They are old so they would definitely appreciate the massage part.

Oh, be sure to share your bath or dirty pictures to enter Boris' contest. Click here to read all about it and the neat dog washing contraption.


Busy Buttons said...

Maybe I need to learn to swim...'cause I sure HATE baths!

Be sure you post your blog link over on the contest page so Boris knows to get your swimming pic!


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

I shore wish I had my own pond to take bafs in then I would not need to look so pawthetic when I get a baf in the tub - blech.

Mariodacat said...

Me thinks dat swimming is the same thing as bath. But, what do I know - I'm a cat!

Boris Kitty said...

i haz a fishy pond but i neber wented swimmin in it.

I just do licky bafs like a gud kitteh, nun of dis water stuffs fur me!

fanks fur enterin ma contesty!