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Sunday, April 4, 2010

God Bless You!

Mom loves nature and the outdoors and spring but I don't think they love her very much. I have been watching her this weekend and her eyes and nose have been leaking water. It's not the leaking when she is sad or emotional. This is the kind of leaky eyes and nose that comes with those giant sounds people call sneezes. Trust me, mom does not have little sneezes - the whole house shakes when she sneezes.

I started wondering why people say "God bless you" when they hear someone sneeze. Well, I checked Wikipedia and followed that to Snopes, and seems I will have to be unsatisfied. Mom has given up trying to sneeze into her elbow like the Piggy Flu posters tell you to do (she says her arms are too short). She says the sneezing and her leaky face are from allergies. There is this yellow film on stuff. Mom says it's pine pollen. I want to put the bitey on that pollen for her. Oh-oh, there she goes again. God Bless You Mom!

Dad said I was sneezing when he took this picture of me.
God Bless Me!


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Oh, your pore mom wif the allergics! My mom does not has them but sometimes she does sneeze and my sis Dixie flies off the bed from a dead sleep, runs into the room where mom is and stands there gibbing her doity looks. We has not figgered out wot that is all about but Dixie apparently hates it when mom sneezes.

blindmaximus said...

I don't know why we say it, but I think saying, "Bless you" when people sneeze is nice...better than, "Geez, you suck, you sneezy person!" BOL! ;) I do hope her allergies get better soon.

Lou said...

BOL my mom sneezes all the time now, blowing her nose every 5 minutes. ungh. she never had this allergy thingie before.