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Friday, March 12, 2010

New Toys!

As many of you may know if you read my bloggie, I am a little hard on my toys, especially the stuffed variety. So mom tries really hard to find toys that are extra strong. Even if they don't last as long as she wants, she figures it's better that I eat a toy than the furniture or other stuff that mom and dad like.

So on payday mom finally moved some items out of the @NipandBonesLLC wish list to the order cart. Yay! She made dad promise he wouldn't open the box until she was home in case they came when she was in New York. This is because sometimes the toy gets destroyed before she can get a picture.When mom came home for work on Monday there was the box straight from @BabyPatches. I knew it was here cause @BabyPatches told me she saw the delivery confirmation. Mom gave me all three new toys at once so she could see which one was my favorite.

Hands down the favorite was the Busy Buddy Waggle. Mom ordered the medium/large one for me because I am a big doggie. The small one would be good for toy queen @busybuttons.

The beauty of the Busy Buddy Waggle is that in combines a really strong rubbery chew toy with treats. Mom puts some of my little training treats inside and they come out gradually. I learned right away that if I munch the ball end it makes the treats get littler and they come out faster.

You can see that I was really sliming this toy and maybe a little bit the bed cover. Sorry mom. Oh and it looks like I'm overdue for a nail trim. By the way, the waggle is on sale at Nip and Bones!

My second toy was a duckie so I could join the duckie club. This is a really strong duckie. You could tug and tug all day and it would never tear or open up. However, if your intention is to eat the head, you might be successful. Just saying.

At Nip and Bones, this guy, who I named Sir Quacksalot, is a Pentapull. They come in 4 different animals. The Duckie, cow, hedgehog and squirrel. It says they are Dog Approved for tugging, pulling, and shaking and that is really true. It passed the Yoda tug test.

The last of my new toys is really fun but I need help to play with it. It is a really cool Kong Tug Toy. This toy is also on sale at Nip and Bones. I have been having a great time tugging with mom and dad with this new toy. Read the instructions and keep out of doggie's reach when not playing because it is not a chewing toy and some foolish doggie might try to eat it.

I told mom to leave my eyes green for this one since it make me look even more fierce. I look like I deserve my spikey collar with this toy.

All in all, I got quite a haul! Well, maybe I'm not up to @BusyButtons toy box yet.


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Wow! Kewl toys you got! If'n you don't nom them up, then you be that much closer to hasing a Busy Button toy collekshun!

Mariodacat said...

Wow - you got some really neat toys. Maybe you could assist @BusyButtons with toy testing! You could go in business together.

Busy Buttons said...

It's so good to be the queen. *snickers*

Congrats on the new toys, Yoda! That rocks. My cousin Hoss is super-duper hard on his toys and never has any 'cause of the destruction. If you find a good non-destructible one, let me know!

Yoda_the_Dog said...

Busy Buttons - mom has found some really lasting toys (non plush) for me from Nip and Bones. Here are some really good ones:

http://www.nipandbones.com/bumi-eco-friendly-dog-tug-toys.html Good tugging.

http://www.nipandbones.com/all-in-one-chewber-dog-toy.html - this is the bestest frisbee like thing of all and it can be a water dish (except I always pick it up)

http://www.nipandbones.com/goughnuts-dog-chew-toy.html I have the large one and it's great. They make an even tougher one (black) but I can't imagine destroying the green one.

http://www.nipandbones.com/kong-goodie-bones.html This is my oldest toy.

I love this toy ball. I ate the rope but the ball really lasts. http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2751029&lmdn=Dog I had another one with a handle. I ate the handle off but did not more damage. Lost that one which is why I got the rope one.

The problem with the plush toys is that I eat them. Even real strong ones that can be tugged hard can't be protected from just plain eating. The gecko that Shawnee gave me is doing real well. I ate one of the "paws" but no more. I love it - not sure why I don't eat it.

Busy Buttons said...

Awesome! Thanks for the ideas, Yoda!

Grandma gave Hoss a "non-destructible" tire toy for Christmas and he had it in shreds within 5 minutes. She got that toy from a toy store and the sales people promised it was one he couldn't tear up. Grandma wasn't happy. Neither was Hossy when they took away the brand new toy he was eating.

It's great to get ideas from a doggy who actually DOES enjoy his toys the way Hoss does! Much more reliable source for good tips!

Thanks a bunch!