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Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Present from Shawnee

Yesterday my mom got to meet Shawnee and her mom while she was on the way from the Shorty Awards in New York City. Shawnee wrote a great blog about it and since she was there, you should read that for the details.

In addition to sending me some good smells (thanks for pointing out the shoe Shawnee that was a good one) and doggy hair on mom's clothes, Shawnee sent me the neatest gift. It is a green gecko just like that little guy on the TV commercials only better - this one has two squeakers and stretches real good in the middle. As Shawnee pointed out, it is a good toy for me because it doesn't have much stuffing in it. All of you that read my bloggie should know my history with stuffed animals!

Usually even the ones without stuffing are not safe. While we were on vacation I got one of those and I just ate it piece by piece. So far so good - it's almost 24 hours and the gecko is doing great. He may be missing one of his paws but otherwise he is perfectly healthy and I have been playing with him a lot. So great toy choice Shawnee!

This is when mom first gave me the present bag

Notice I put my face all the way in the bag - I could smell Shawnee's whole family

Next I will go through my routine for testing my new toys:

It squeaks real good

It's fun throwing it in the air

I like testing my toys from all angles, especially upside down
Shawnee's mom gave my mom good advice on how to fix my eye here but
she left this one cause it matches the gecko!

The final test is the nommy level. For this test I have a video. Mom now realizes this was when I was working on eating the poor gecko's paw. I didn't quite get it before the end of the video.

My two favoritest toys right now - Gecko and my bone

This is my Buttons imitation - using my toy as a pillow!

All I can say is Shawnee gives really good presents! Her mom also gave me something called a supplement. Mom says it will make my coat even more handsome. Dad was a little worried about the "sustained energy level" aspect.


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

OMD! I is BOLing so much my eyes is leaking. I is so glad you like your toy so much. As for the sustained energy lebel, tell your dad you needs it to be wearing that studded collah.

Yoda_the_Dog said...

I usually don't let mom take pictures of me but I was so involved in playing I didn't notice. She got tons of shots of me.

Mariodacat said...

Oh Yoda - what a cute toy you received. Looks like you really are enjoying it too. You are such a cutie.

Karen Friesecke said...

Squeeing new toys is fun, isn't it? Jersey got a new duckworth yesterday & the squeeing hasn't stopped!

Busy Buttons said...

What a great Buttons imitation! *snickers*

That looks like an awesome toy. I need to get on Mom to get me one of those!

Anonymous said...