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Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Think It's Spring!

Today it went up to 59 degrees (15 degrees Celsius for my International readers). Hard to believe it just snowed Tuesday night (before the nor'easter washed it away). That meant, you guessed it, time for swimming! Dad thought it was too cold to go swimming but how could anyone resist this?

Hurry dad! Let's play!

Dad took me out in the backyard and there I was swimming with the geese!

I just went swimming right away - I didn't even wait for dad to throw a stick!

Then he threw sticks in the pond and I fetched them over and over again!

Maybe I have some retriever in me?

Since dad took the pictures, there were 40 different shots of me pooping. He seems to be fixated on that. Fortunately it's mom that helps me with my bloggie so we picked one that gave me some privacy.

Privacy Please!

Too soon the fun was over.

A good shake after a great swim - priceless

Dad never dries me off (much to mom's dismay), so I brought back lots of water to share with mom.


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Wow! That do be looking like lots of funs. Yes, all dogs must abide by the rule that you is to hold your waters in your furs until you is standing next to your mom (preferably in the house) then shake. Well done!

Mariodacat said...

Oh Yoda - you look like you were having so much fun out there swimming again. It's spring here too, but only hit 48F.

Busy Buttons said...

Poo pictures?! That's hysterical! Maybe I'm lucky that I've only got a Mom and not a Dad! *snickers*

Is swimming anything like a bath? I hate baths...