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Saturday, November 14, 2009

DJing for Pawties

I have been a DJ for several #Pawpawty and other anipal events now. It is a rush!

I usually use blip.fm for my spinning but this time I checked out Grooveshark. It was slick. If any of you anipals are interested in DJing, I will pass on my limited wisdom.

Maybe some folks are better than me at this, but I believe that planning is important. First thing I do is think about the pawty's theme. Like #dudefest or the Halloween #pawpawty, you try and think up songs that fit the theme. One caution - remember that other DJs may be doing the same thing so you have to be extra creative (and it doesn't hurt to listen to the DJ before you to avoid duplicates). It is all just fun, but I am a perfectionist.

When I use blip, I turn off the Twitter service, find the songs and add them to my play list. When the pawty is on, I turn Twitter back on and reblip them. I use two sessions going - one for the song I'm playing so I know when it's time for a new one, and the other queuing up for the next song.

Grooveshark was pretty nifty because it is not set to tweet automatically. I developed a play list and then when I was DJing I started the song and clicked on to share with Twitter. Grooveshark lets you have multiple play lists too.

One thing to watch - make sure you don't forget the hash tag for the pawty!


flicka47 said...

A very good explanation Yoda! I hadn't thought of two lists myself. That is genius! Will have to point all our aspiring DJs here!

Yoda_the_Dog said...