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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pedicure! Oh No!

We don't have much concrete around so my nails grow really long. For some reason, mom and dad think this is bad so they had to take me to get a Pedicure at Pet Smart. I had one before and didn't like it but it seemed I had no choice.

Here I am in the car on my way to Pet Smart. That's dad sitting next to me. I didn't really know where we were going because they didn't tell me until we got out of the car. It was a mean trick. I thought we were going to have fun.

One good thing about the Pedicure is it meant I got to meet new people and dogs. First, really cool smells when I got out of the car. Oh boy, other dogs have been here! By the way, dad tells me I pee like a girl. Any anipals out there that can clue me in to what I am doing wrong please let me know!

Then we went inside the store. Overload!! People, animals, noise, smells. Wow! Then we went through the door to the bad place I remembered the GROOMER. They have some really nice people in there but I do not like what they do! I let them trim my nails but I draw the line at the noisy grindy thing. No way! I jump and buck and the poor girl gives up. Victory! Here I am waiting for my appointment.

It's okay. My nails are clipped good for another couple of months and mom bought me a cool toy and some hooves. I guess Pedicures can be okay if you get presents after.

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