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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Meet My Family

I think people call what we have a blended family! I have sisters and brothers who are cats and dogs. He He He.

Mom and dad live upstairs. They live with my mom's mom. She is a very nice lady but I am not allowed to jump on her. She seems nice but mom and dad worry about her. She lives downstairs along with two other dogs. One dog is my older brother Goliath. (His picture us at the right with my dad) He has bad arthritis and doesn't climb the stairs very good. He doesn't like me to jump on him either because I hurt him even if I am just playing.

The other dog is Roscoe (see left) and he does like to play. We have a good time in the back yard. He doesn't go swimming with me though. I am not real sure how we are related. People might say he is my uncle because he is my mom's mom's dog. People have complicated relationships!

Upstairs with us it's all cats with me. There are four. Majel is the oldest one. She is pretty but I get yelled at when I try to play with her. Mom says she is delicate because she is seventeen years old.

Ceasar and Cleo are brother and sister for real. Mom and dat adopted them six years ago after Majel's sister Isis crossed the rainbow bridge. They were only going to adopt one kitten but the two kitties were all alone in the Pet Smart kitty adoption area and they could not leave one alone there could they? Their mommy kitty was run over by a car. So sad.

Then came Sabrina. She is kind of a wild cat. She was feral when someone who worked with dad found her. Dad tried to call mom to check it was ok to adopt her but mom was in a meeting so he made his own decision. So then there were four kitties. They lived in Chesterfield then. Soon after that mom's dad died so they all moved to Yorktown.

Here are the kittehs (top row Cleo left, Majel on right; next row is Ceasar on left and Sabrina on right):

I only came along last year. Mom's boss lives next door to my dog mom and helped deliver my doggie sibs. There were nine of us. He mentioned the cute puppies and mom and dad could not resist. I am very happy. Mom and dad love me and all of the kitties. We have a great yard with a pond. I get lots of treats and we go on neat trips to great state parks.

Here is Majel and me in daddy's chair.


WillHan said...

Looks like a really nice family. You're a lucky dog Yoda.


ZackRabbit said...

oh my goodness!! what a HUGE family!! I'm glad you all get along! HUGS! thanks for sharing!!