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Monday, September 21, 2009

My Trip to James River State Park

I am a very lucky dog. Because my mom works for Virginia State Parks, I get to visit a lot of different parks. You won't believe how many different smells there are all over these parks and how many different kinds of animals leave their poop behind!

We got to stay in one of the park's really new and modern cabins. First problem though - really slippery hard wood floors. I would get so excited and run around and then I'd end up flat on my side or back end from slipping on the floor. I told mommy they need carpet. She told me to stop running.

On vacation, we were away from the other people in the park so I could run around without my leash but that is against the rules so mommy and daddy blocked the ends of the cabin's porch and I could be outside on the porch with them and look at the beautiful scenery. Once daddy didn't block it so well so I had a bit of a romp in the tall grass until I heard mom call me. I was a good dog and came right back. Mom said it would look very bad if she got a ticket because I was bad. I don't want to get mom in trouble.

Mom had to work while we were there. She was there for some meeting, but dad stayed with me most of the time and we had fun. When we had too much fun, I just chilled out on the couch in the cabin.

I hope we have some more trips soon!

Just in case you missed my mom's blogs from our vacation that had my pictures in them, see these links: My Visit to Shenandoah River State Park and My Visit to Shenandoah River State Park Part III.


Baby Patches said...

Wow dat is pawsome! Momma luvs cabins, maybe I will gets to goes wif momma and daddy some day to a cabin.

I following your blog and added your link to my dogs who blog!


Anonymous said...

I think it's working now!

Anonymous said...

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