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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hello Blog World!

Hello Blog World. My name is Yoda. I decided to start my own blog partly because some of my best anipals on Twitter have a blog and also because sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough. I go by @Yoda_the_Dog on Twitter.

As much as I hate to admit it, I need my human mom’s help to type the blog. She has a very busy job with Virginia State Parks including doing their blogging and Twitter plus a lot more things I don’t understand. She works more hours doing it than most humans (daddy says too much), so I may not be able to post new blogs as often as I like.

We are starting this first one because mom is on vacation.

Some background about me. I was born May 28, 2008 to a wonderful dog mom, an English Shepherd, who lives in Powhatan, Virginia. It just so happens that my dog mom lives next door to the Director of State Parks who even helped deliver me. Since my dad, the neighborhood black lab, did not stick around to make an honest woman of my dog mom and her nine puppies, when I was old enough I went to live with my human mom and dad.

It’s great where I live. We live on a pond and I get to go swimming in the pond. There is a big back yard but I get to stay in the house whenever I want. We live with my mom’s mother. She has a dog named Roscoe and my mom and dad have another old dog who doesn’t like to play with me. His name is Goliath. Mostly I stay in mom and dad’s area of the house with my four kitteh sibs: Majel, Caesar, Cleo and Sabrina. They don’t really like to play with me either.

Mom and dad take me whenever they go away for a night or longer and I have visited five state parks so far. Apparently mommy loves her job so much she even likes to vacation there although sometimes we go when she has a meeting or other business. This week at Shenandoah River State Park has been vacation. We are right on the river and I go swimming in it everyday. Mom and dad have also come in with me here although they won’t put one toe in our pond at home.

Mom and Dad have been leaving me at the cabin when they go out afternoons but today I put my paw down and insisted I come too. I did this insisting by refusing to let daddy close the door with me inside. I have learned it is pretty easy to frustrate daddy so he just gave up.

We have a few more days left here and I get to go to another new park next week because Mom has a meeting. That will make 6 state parks for me!

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