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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back from Vacation

Mom, dad and I went on vacation for nine whole days to one of my favorite places. It is a special cabin at one of our parks that the public doesn't rent because there is no real road and mom says the cabin is too rustic for the public. So staff can rent it. It is right on the river. It is called the Brown Cabin (it's not named after someone named brown, it's just painted brown) and it's at Shenandoah River State Park. I know my pal @ShawneeShep and her mom know about the cabin because they found it when they were hiking in the park.

It is a really good vacation for mom because there is no cell service and no internet. Also no TV (they actually have a TV that we can rent Red Box videos and play them but only three channels). So mom read 9 books while we were there (actually they were on her Kindle). One was that new Chet book (I will blog about that another day).

We did get a lot of rain thanks to that Hurricane Lee coming up from the gulf. The Chief Ranger came and warned us about possible flash flood warnings but the Shenandoah River just got a little bit wider. The porch room that mom likes to spend her time in (she can see the river and the windows open really wide (we will not talk about the screens on the window that were perfect when we got there but somehow not so perfect when we left - can I help it that I have to jump up and bark when people go by hiking or biking?) has a tin roof so the rain was very relaxing. When you want to spend your vacation reading and relaxing the rain is not a bad thing.

It did not rain steady so there was lots of time for me to go swimming in the Shenandoah River. Since there is a current in the river (and none in my pond), it is different swimming. The river tended to steal some of my sticks too and there also seemed to be a stick shortage at the park compared to our yard.

Oh the big news was that we also took Alexis and she got herself a mouse! Mom said - another reason we don't rent that to the public (no pix). She had lots of fun stalking all kinds of bugs too.

If you like a good place for a vacation, I highly recommend Shenandoah River State Park. The park has "for the public" cabins that are only a year old and two great campgrounds.


Anonymous said...

The scenery looks tremendous; a real beauty spot. Glad you had such a great vacation.

@Fabio_Dude :)

Lou said...

WOW...what a pawsome vacation!!!
I want to go too...

Benny and Lily said...

wow, so beautiful. Glad you got to go along

Mariodacat said...

What a great vacation you had. Those are super pictures too. We love that park too. So gorgeous.

JackDaddy said...

I've been to the Shenandoah Park. It is as beautiful as you say!

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

So, Yoda, did you snooter around and sniff me from when I woz at your Brown Cabin reading your pee mail last year? And sitting at your picnic table? I is so glad the Brown Cabin did not flood coz it do be furry close to the waters. But when it got wider I is supposing you did not has furry far at all to walk to go swimming! I mean like rite out the door and SPLASH! And hey, screens be so ofurrated anyway. You just made more bugs fur Alexis.

Anonymous said...

What FUN! Not that is a vaca!

woos, Tessa

Prudence said...

Thanks for visiting my blog buddy! Looks like you had a wonderful vacation, what a lucky pup, barooo!