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Saturday, October 2, 2010

A New Kind of Jockey and the Saturday Blog Hop

Most of my pals know how much I enjoy being a Disc Jockey at anipal pawties. I love planning my theme, picking out the music and tweeting the tunes to the pawty guests.

Last night I was a different kind of Jockey for the #Lub2Rock Adoption Option Pawty - an Adoption Jockey or AJ instead of DJ. It was really very similar to being a DJ only instead of picking songs I was finding adoptable anipals to tweet out to the pawty goers.


There was a theme just like in my DJing as I had to decide which of so many (way too many) pets that need furever homes. Instead of an hour I had a half hour and instead of a 3 minute average length song the goal was a tweet per minute. Instead of using Blip to find and tweet songs, I used Petfinder.


For my theme I went with two of my local adoption organizations. The first was the Peninsula SPCA. They have been around for 47 years and in 2007 opened their own clinic so that every adopted animal has been spayed or neutered and has received wellness vaccinations and an examine along with lots of basic care stuff. They even microchip all the pets that are adopted! Our family has a special bond with them because mom (and later dad) have adopted some wonderful dogs and cats from there over many years.


I also wanted to tweet a few dogs  from a rescue operation based in my home town, Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue, Education, and Training (SEVA GRREAT). This rescue recently celebrated it's 20th year of rescuing Golden Retrievers and finding them furever homes. 


Unfortunately, because Petfinder is less equipped to help out AJs compared to Blip which is designed for DJs, I probably didn't prepare as much as I should have. I selected all of the pets but should have pre-written the Tweets. I was also posting the adoptable pets on Facebook and while Blip does that automatically, I had to do the separate post for each adoptable pet. 


But boy was it great - in two hours we got the word out about so many animals needing furever homes and, more importantly, we did a great job increasing awareness of the number of great pets in shelters and fosters needing homes and the need to think about adopting. The time just zoomed by. When I wasn't AJing I was busy retweeting the adoptable pets from the other AJs. I didn't even have time for a nom or a drink.

Dr. Pepper

The Adoption Option pawty was a project of the new Mattie Dog Foundation. @Mattiedog, @Brutusthedane, @Mariodacat and I were the AJs. The world famous Da Shibbering Cheetos played the music, @JustAnotherTrnd and @Hookalopes were Barktenders (with the requisite nommy menu) and there were quizzes and prizes.


I learned something during my research of the available adoptable dogs in my area. They are overwhelmingly Pit Bulls. So sad. What did these people think they wanted when they adopted them and then turned them back in? I don't like to mention it but I don't live real far from where Michael Vick and his friends did their evil. 


I was so happy to help with this project. When I blogged about Nico for the Anipal Photo Hunt #6, I was so thrilled when I heard Nico was adopted the next week. It feels really good to be the change!

And now it's time for the Saturday Blog hop!


tweetypie said...

I hope all these dog N cats get new homes an its a great job you all did last nite, I am very sorry I missed it xoxox

Mariodacat said...

you chose some very wonderful animals Yoda. I hope all our featured anipals will be adopted very soon.

Unknown said...

Hope they all find their furever home as soon as possible! They all look so sweet!

♥ Sallie said...

You are awesome! Yay!

Two French Bulldogs said...

We wish we could take all those doggys home
Benny & Lily

Terrorzinhos said...

Love your blog!
Big kisses from Portugal!