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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our February Vacation

I just came back from a great vacation at one of mom's Virginia State Parks. We went to Chippokes Plantation State Park in Surry, Virginia. It is just an hour from home but we have to ride this boat that takes cars called a ferry to get there. Mom says there is a way to drive but it takes a lot longer. The ferry leaves from Jamestown which is the site of the first settlement by the English. Many people think that was Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts but they are wrong.

For some reason I do not like riding in the car. Well I found out I like the ferry even less. I think it's because we are stopped and I think my car ride is over but we have to stay there. Mom and dad were too afraid to let me out. I rode the ferry when we went last year (the time I ate the bedspread) but it was worse this year.

This is the park entrance sign. The park is the site of a plantation that dates back to 1619 which is even older than mom and dad. It is one of the oldest continually farmed properties in America!

This picture is from the riverfront part of the park.

This is our cabin. The picture was taken by my mom in November when she attended an event there. It is before the cotton was picked. Cotton is one of the crops they still grow on the park. The state leases the farmland to farmers. All of the cotton is gone in February and the field is ready for new planting. But this gives you an idea of how much space we had away from everyone and I could run and play.

Here is our cute little cabin close up. Mom says it is a restored tenant farm house. They just finished fixing this cabin up in November when mom took this shot.

Unlike some of the other Virginia State Park cabins which are very nice, Chippokes decorates the cabins in period looking furnishings. They are not real antiques but it is so cute inside and very comfy. This is the living room.

There are two bedrooms and this is the "master" bedroom. This was a cool bed and I got to sleep on it too. I liked jumping on and off the bed because it was so high. I am pleased to report that there was no further bedspread eating incidents as I am now a big boy. I did do some damage to my new pelican and practically ate my whole tiger stuffingless toy dad bought me though. As mom said - "better the toys than the furnishings!"

I did a lot of running around but I run so fast all of the pictures were blurry so you will have to enjoy the ones where I was standing around. The fence is protecting something called a drain field from cars driving on it. There is no gate so it was cool to run in and out of it.

There was lots of resting after all of the running around. Isn't it cool how I curl myself up like a kitty when I sleep?

When I wasn't out running around, I was looking out the window at all the birds who like to eat the worms I guess in the plowed earth. Mom had to clean the window before we left.

There wasn't much snow left when we got there. It snowed a teeny bit the first night we were there but melted pretty fast. I played in it where I could find it and always ate some.

More resting. This chair was made just for me!

Because of all the snow and rain we had a pond in the front yard. Made for some nice muddy feet and was good for a quick drink when I was out running around.

The Park Manager came to visit us because mom knows him. I liked him. He smelled like his dog Nubs and played with me with my kong bone.

These are some cows that live on the farm part of the park. There are other animals too.

I pronounce this a great vacation except maybe for the driving and ferry part.

Don't worry pals - another bloggie is coming with my trip to the Bacon capital of Virginia - Smithfield!


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Wow, Yoda, that was a pawsome vakashun you had! I has never been on a ferry afore so I dunno how I would like it. I didn't used to like the car either but then I realized I woz just shooting myself in the paw. You has to get in the car if you want to go to places where you can has funs.

Shellie - Innkeeper said...

I am loving this! And I sure hope this state park is still open when we get there, we also booked the newly reno'd cabin 4 this summer. My avatar on twitter is the pooch JUNIE B JONES who will walk in your footsteps!


our blog is: http://claibornehouse.blogspot.com/
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Yoda_the_Dog said...

Junie - you will really enjoy that cabin!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where you came from Yoda but you look EXACTLY like our dog Mia. I swear you could be relatives. We live in SC now but Mia was adopted from a pet adoption day at a Pet Smart in Richmond. Mia also loves to travel and camp.

Yoda_the_Dog said...

I'm on Twitter and there are a number of dogs who look a lot like me. We joke that "papa was a rolling stone." In fact, my mom just virtually adopted a dog in a Polish animal shelter named Nordi who looks like me too. However, I was born in Powhatan County, right near Richmond. I was born to someone who lives next door to my mom's boss. It was an accident (neighbor dog jumped over fence). All of the puppies were placed privately but who knows, someone might have turned a puppy in to the shelter. My mom is a German Shepherd for sure and dad looked like a Black Lab but we are thinking he had other stuff in him too.