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Saturday, August 27, 2011

I went to BlogPaws and spent the conference in my room

There is a first for everything and BlogPaws was a lot of firsts for me: my first hotel, my first elevator and my first experience with a lot of dogs and people I don't know. I was on sensory overload and I didn't do well.

 Sheraton Premiere at Tyson Corners -
my barking really echoed under this canopy

We tried the play room and sweet little me was over aggressive. I barked too much when I heard people in the hall.

 Here are some dogs enjoying the Play Room without me 

The first day mom stayed in the room with me because due to Hurricane Irene she had to do a lot of work telling people some of her Virginia State Parks are closed.

At least I can say the bed was real comfy

So I thought I was maybe calming down so mom had dad bring me down after the sessions to meet some of my pals' staff. I saw mom and kind of went nuts. I did get to meet some people like @tildatoo but it was back to the room pretty quick.

Maybe I need a doggie day care a few days a week.

 Dad visited the exhibit area 

 Dad met @CosmoHavanese 

Anyway mom had some good sessions about how to do better video, how to write a proposal and she learned a lot about legal stuff like copyrights, endorsements and contests.

Dad went swimming lots of times in the neat indoor pool and also took most of the pictures.

Hot tub 


Mom's favorite part was at lunch Saturday when her friend @BZTAT talked about Oakey's Promise her Canton Mural to bring awareness to the link between animal cruelty and child and domestic abuse. BZTAT talked about using Kickstarter for fund raising for the project. Mom got to stand up as one of the Promise Keepers who helped in a small way to make the project possible.

BZTAT talks about Oakey's Promise

A very talented young lady named Miah Thornton did a dance to describe the story of Oakey's rescue that led BZTAT to decide to start the project.

 Miah Thornton performs at BlogPaws

BZTAT has started a new project at Kickstarter for a traveling artwork on the same theme. We will be writing more about that soon.

We leave tomorrow as soon as we know the roads are okay after Hurricane Irene.


Anonymous said...

I think you did pawsome there Yoda. Maybe you should have your pawrents get that thunder vest. It is good in all kinds of stressfull situations not just thunder!

woos, Tessa

JacksDad said...

I hope you got to order room service!! :)

Lou said...

Congrats on your first Blogpaws experience! I'm working on my humans to go to Blogpaws next year!!

Mariodacat said...

Congratulations on your first Blog Paws. Sorry it wasn't a better experience for you, but maybe you just need to keep trying it. I bet it would get better. Probably the hurricane raging outside didn't help either.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Yoda I am so sorry that it was not a grrrreat time fur you... butt look at the good side.. Next time you will be a Pro and it will be MUCH better.

I loved the thingys that you sent to my furend Shawnee. She will look super sporting that Virginia BLING stuffs!!!

I hope that you will tell us about the thingys you learned about Contests!!!

Two French Bulldogs said...

We agree with Jack..hope you ordered room service, played games and ordered cartoon videos
Benny & Lily

Backcountry Brodie said...

Rilly, you got your woofing to echo? How pawsome! You must teach me how to do that sometime. Mom says I hasn't quite blown out her eardrums yet. So wot be wrong with barking at peeples in the hall? They could be mean introoders and you just be doing your job. And had you not been way eggsited to see your mom, then her feelings would has been hurt and she would think you dussn't ♥ her. I say you woz up against unrealistic eggspectashuns, pal. Good thing you had a comfy bed to make up fur it. Safe drive home! Hope your home be OK and best you be where you woz and not at home.

Anonymous said...

Yoda that was a lot of new stuff to take in all at once! Looks like you had a real comfy hotel room to hang out in :) Sounds like Mom got a lot of good information out of the conference! :) Safe travels home my furiend.

Waggin at ya,

Teeny's Friends said...

stuck in da room? oh da humanity! mean ol' mom! *snickers*