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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #15: THE VET

Mom says the correct word is "ironic." It just so happens that is it just about time for me to go see the V-E-T to get my S-H-O-T-S and annual check up. I have to go next week as a matter of week. Mom will make the appointment for Friday.

This year I have a real V-E-T. Last year mom and dad took me to Care-A-Lot pets for their Vet Clinic. The vet and the people there were very nice but after the scare with that bump on my leg (that was just a fluid pad), we needed a vet that is there all the time. So I am now a patient at the Seaford Veterinary Clinic. Oh and the other good thing is no waiting in line!

Here are the pictures from my trip last year at Care-A-Lot.

This is when we are waiting in line. I am clueless since the last V-E-T 
visit they put me under and snipped me at the same time. 
Don't remember a thing.

 Even on the table, I am fine.

Not sure why I deserved such a big hug until I realized this was to 

I will share pics of my next visit with you when I go next week. In the meantime, how about sharing yours on the Anipal photo blog hop? Just click the widget below to get all the details!


JackDaddy said...

Yes, we have to be very brave when we get shots. Just try to think of all the cookies you will get because they stuck you in the butt and feel guilty! :)

theresa said...

You're very brave Yoda! I'm not supposed to say anything *whispers* Prudence is getting better about seeing the doc, but still shakes like a leaf!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving w/ your family!!!

Mariodacat said...

you were a brave doggie then and I'm sure you will be this time too. You are right - I probably wouldn't mind it quite so much if I didn't have to be put in that box thingy. Although, when the vet was done with me, I did go back in there on my own.

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Werd of advice - when you goes to the V-E-T next week and they tries to bribe you with treats, SPIT THEM BACK OUT AT THE V-E-T - they do be poisonuss! At least you got that snipping part ofur with and they only duss that one time. I is pritty sure. I hope.

Pepsi Bum said...

Hi Yoda! First time here, nice to meet you!

Vets are scary! I usually try to stay in my hoomans' arms! You're very brave.


Pamela said...

What a brave boy you are Yoda!

I don't have any vet pix for this blog hop. Usually jugging a dog, treats, and my check book is plenty without adding a camera to the mix.

Priscilla said...

You're a very brave boy, Yoda! I don't think your mom needed to hold you down because I believe you could handle it very well. Good luck for your next V-E-T visit!

Bad Andy said...

Whoa! Very impressed, Yoda, you look as calm as can be. You got nerves of steel, dude. *high paw*